Travel to Paris

Travel to Paris

coast of the deep Seine River, in a northern part of France the state capital – Paris which is one of the largest and attractive cities of Western Europe was located. Paris represents the largest trade, industrial, cultural, financial and bank and, of course, the tourist center of the French Republic. Annually tens of millions of tourists from all over the world arrive in the capital to make acquaintance to its sights.

Travelers stop in such luxurious institutions as hotel vil Paris France in general is characterized by an extensive network of luxury hotels therefore even the most exacting tourists are satisfied with the level of the service provided in numbers. Having had a rest off the road, judges of cultural and architectural sights go to examine interesting places of the French capital which there is a lot of. The Champs Elysée extending to the Triumphal arch are distinguished from the main attractions.

Shanz-Elisée represents one of trunk mains in the territory of the capital of France. Conditionally the Champs Elysée are divided into a store and park zone, daily thousands of tourists walk on the highway, drop in to souvenir shops, have a rest on shady terraces of local cafes. To Shanz-Elisa it is known that is considered the most beautiful street in the world, annually across the highway on July 14 there passes the military parade, the final stage of a prestigious cycle race of Tour de France known around the world comes to an end here. Generally, on the Champs Elysée it is worth visiting the course of acquaintance to the Parisian sights.

Certainly, speaking about the capital of France, it is necessary to mention Louvre, representing not only one of the largest, but also, perhaps, the most popular museum on the planet. The collection of Louvre is made by the works belonging to a cutter and a brush of masters of the Ancient East, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome. In museum halls it is possible to admire masterpieces of art of Europe and Asia. paris hotel 121 and other hotels of the capital providing travelers with a roof over the head is open for the tourists wishing to visit the museum.

Symbols of the city is Notre Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Triumphal arch which are known far outside France therefore tourists who for the first time visit Paris are recommended to examine these sights first of all.

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