Travel to the Mediterranean Cyprus

Travel to the Mediterranean Cyprus

is the fine choice for beach vacation which will not manage too expensive. Tourists will be pleased here by hotels with excellent service, clean beaches, blue flags on them – the proof to that. Besides, it is possible to choose mini-cruises, thalassotherapy in the Spa centers from entertainments and to try Greek cuisine.

The best beaches of the island suitable for family holiday are in Agia Napa and Protaras which is decorated by rocky bays. Also in Protaras there is an aquarium in the downtown, Ayos Elías church on the high rock. Beaches of Aphrodite, Ladies' mile and Governor's where hold beach parties are popular among tourists.

In Cyprus the thalassotherapy is developed, and at some hotels work with the Spa centers. The Talasso-centers offer tourists massages, wrappings, programs of beauty. Bring from Cyprus generally wines, liqueurs, pictures, products from silver, skin, a jewelry. Aphrodite's figurines, models of the ships and yachts, goat cheese, lukum, halvah are popular.

The cuisine of Cyprus is rich with the Greek dishes with a variety of seafood. Most often at restaurants and cafe serve the vegetable and meat dishes, feta cheeses and hallum, walnuts in syrup, and from drinks – the Cyprian wines and liqueurs.

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Capital - Nicosia, is rich with the main attractions of the country. It is Tripiotis church, the Cathedral of St John with ancient frescos, the Museum of jewelry art, Art gallery and east Buyuk Khan complex with the coffee house and picturesque cafes.

In the village of Akhera the tourists visit a farm The park of ostriches, and on the peninsula of Akamas ruins of the ancient cities are amazing. Aphrodite's Swimming bath near the Bay Lacha is quite interesting. Amatus is considered very ancient city of Cyprus among which ruins the archeologists found a basilica of an ancient Christian era, Aphrodite's sanctuary and the fine systems of reservoirs.

During the mini-cruises from Cyprus it is possible to visit Israel, Egypt and Syria. In Egypt the tourists visit pyramids Giza, a statue of the Sphinx, the Cairo museum. In Jerusalem and Bethlehem the vacationers will see the Wailing Wall and Church of Christmas with the Grotto.

In Cyprus there is an opportunity even to sweep on skis on the mountains of the Troodosa nature reserve. In the same place it is possible to meet monasteries, picturesque villages. Here, in forests, pines, oaks, large cactuses, cypresses, tree strawberries grow.

Aquaparks, dolphinarium, show of the dancing fountains, playings golf on fields in Pathos – the elite resort of Cyprus will become entertainments for children and adults.

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