We carry with ourselves a dog

We carry with ourselves a dog

happen so that it is not possible to go to a travel without pet in any way: to leave there is nobody, and it is possible to throw on an arbitrariness unless? Not to postpone flight to other time or not to go to flight without favourite of all family, it is necessary to execute several absolutely simple rules. Then your flight will take place without complications and hassle.

That you are going to carry a dog (a cat, a rabbit, a canary, a parrot - does not matter), it is necessary to report during booking of the ticket. Airlines usually grant permission for transportation of one animal in cabins - economic and a business class, and one animal in cargo compartments of the plane.

It is important to receive confirmation that the animal is accepted for shipment when booking, and on it at the company carrier some time will leave. (And it is better to specify at concrete airline of the rule of transportation of animals at once, to receive answers to your questions).

But not to lose your animal it is possible to make chipping for animals

The dog has to go to flight in a rigid cage in which your pet will be able to rise and turn. Allow to place a cage in salon if the animal together with a cage weighs no more than 8 kg, and the sum of overall dimensions (lengths, width, heights) cages no more than 115 cm. Container weight together with an animal is paid as excess baggage.

The dog surely has to have a veterinary certificate which can be received in any vetklinika not earlier than three days before flying away. It is clear, that the dog has to be surely imparted, and the rage inoculation should be put at least a month before the visit in a vetklinik.

In advance it is necessary to find out requirements which are imposed to inoculations in the concrete country. In Cyprus and in Great Britain the animals are placed in general in a six-month quarantine therefore there it is better not to take them. The same strict requirements to import of animals affect the territory of the country in Ireland, Australia, Sweden and New Zealand.

Before a trip with the pet to know all such trifles better in advance that in the destination you had not to leave it.

Before a departure it is necessary to take a walk with a dog, to give to drink her water. It is possible to run about with it and to play with its favourite toy.

During the travel the carrier is not responsible for your animal: only you whatever it happened during flight are responsible for it.

Happy flight!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team