it is so useful vitgrass as speak about it?

it is so useful vitgrass as speak about it?

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The people watching over the health for certain heard about miracle properties of sprouts of wheat. This product was beyond folk remedies long ago, passed numerous tests and received the international certificates of quality. It not only helps to lose weight, but also positively influences many bodies and functions of an organism, revitalizing and filling them with energy.

New trend in healthy food, or that it vitgrass

Vitgrass or Wheatgrass (with English. A wheaten grass) — the popular product of healthy food representing juice of sprouts of wheat. Also it is used for receiving oil of sprouts of wheat rich with vitamin E.

Whether you know? In the middle of last century the hardened piece of white bread baked in the Stone Age about six thousand years ago was found in Lake of Zurich. Now this the bread, most ancient in the world — a copy of one of the Swiss museums.

Valuable properties of wheaten sprouts became known still in the thirties the last century when the agrochemist Charles Schnabel under an impression of their positive influence on sick hens entered this product and into own diet.

We study structure

On the structure vitgrass — the real vitamin and mineral bomb. In it it surpasses many useful food, for example, milk, spinach or oranges.



Nutrition value and caloric content of a product

Caloric content of hundred grams of juice of sprouts of wheat — 198 kcal that makes about 11% of daily need of the adult. Contains in hundred grams:

In what advantage of juice of sprouts of wheat

It is one of those products whose advantage for the person it is difficult to overestimate. It provides an organism practically with all vitamins, amino acids and minerals, necessary for normal activity.

We recommend to you to esteem about what advantage of fresh juices and as it is correct to drink and store juice.

The general

Vitgrass actively oxygenates all cages of an organism, forcing to breathe literally each section. It increases operability of all bodies, especially a brain. Also juice has the expressed antibacterial properties, helps to remove inflammations and irritations of skin and mucous surfaces. Juice of wheaten sprouts is applied during rehabilitation after medicinal therapy, neutralizing the toxins which accumulated during treatment. In it it surpasses carrot both other vegetable and fruit juice. It helps to increase immunity and to lower an organism zashlakovannost.

Study advantage of beet, birch, potato, cabbage, tomato, garnet, pear, lemon and cherry juice.

The chlorophyll which is contained in a vitgrassa, getting into deep layers of fabrics, updates and regenerates them. And enzymes superoxide dismutases decompose superoxidic radicals, than promote rejuvenation of an organism. Thanks to such effect of people feels inflow of forces and energy, his sight and a condition of skin improves.

Positively speak of action of a vitgrass and at inflammation of a throat and a severe toothache. For its knocking over it is necessary to hold liquid in an oral cavity about five minutes. Moreover, the high content of calcium in juice of wheaten sprouts is excellent protection against caries. Sprouts are a fast power source that is especially appreciated by the people playing sports. Drink is very quickly acquired, literally within twenty minutes, and instantly sates an organism with a wide range of nutrients.

Whether you know? Wheat — one of the first cultivated cereals which began to be grown up since the beginning of the Neolithic. Ancient people used wild-growing wheat, but as its grains were showered right after maturing, used them in an immature look. Seeds of cultural wheat strong keep in an ear and are beaten out at the thresh.

At obviously expressed problems

Juice of sprouts of wheat is accepted concentrated, divorced, in the form of compresses, bandages or enemas. Its useful properties for various human organs:

Will help to reduce pressure also: amarantovy flour, black radish, carrots, melissa, fennel, marjoram, St. John's wort and potato starch.

Whether it is forbidden to use

At the correct application vitgrass it is useful to men and women, and as well as future mothers, and during feeding of the child a breast.

To pregnant women

During pregnancy many women face the increased arterial blood pressure and anemia what wheat sprouts perfectly will help to cope with. The increased content of calcium not only contributes to the correct development of skeletal system of a fruit, but also will help future mother to keep teeth.

Such food as cod liver, asparagus, pear, avocado, haricot, lentil, bee pollen, almonds, papaya and feijoa are also saturated with folic acid.

And the vitamin E which is contained in them will become pledge of a normal course of pregnancy. You should not forget also about folic acid, full formation of nervous system of a fruit depends on it.

However during pregnancy it is necessary to listen especially attentively to the organism: at appearance of nausea or other negative reactions Vitgrass's reception needs to be stopped at once.


This drink is very useful to the feeding mothers as it stimulates development of milk. Besides, during this period the woman especially needs vitamins and minerals which in a large number are present at wheat sprouts. Vitgrass it will help young mother to be restored after the delivery, to return to former weight, will provide her with forces and cheerfulness and will take care of high immunity. But it is necessary not to forget that any negative reactions from the kid or mother — a signal to stop the use of this product.

Important! Before intake of any nutritional supplements, especially at children's age, during pregnancy, at a lactation and presence of chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult with the attending physician!

To children

This drink is useful not only to adults, but also children. Unfortunately, modern children are inclined to anemias, in this case sprouts of wheat will help to restore the normal level of hemoglobin in blood. Besides, they increase protective forces of an organism and give the chance to actively resist to viruses and infections.

It is especially useful vitgrass during the winter and spring period when the organism of the child receives less necessary amounts of vitamins. Sprouts of wheat will help to fill this shortcoming and will present to your kid cheerfulness and energy.

How to choose qualitative purchased vitgrass

Many got used to doubt industrially made goods, but vitgrass is not exposed to any chemical treatment and is made only from the ecological grain which is grown up on pure soil.

Of course, it is better to buy this powder in specialized shops of healthy food and to be guided by the known, long ago proved brands. Surely pay attention to an expiration date of a product and existence of the certificate of quality. And by all means study the instruction for application of drink.

For the general improvement of an organism this drink with soft grass taste, as a rule, is taken without change of a habitual diet once a day. It is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of dry juice (5-7 grams) in 30 pure mg, to drink on an empty stomach minutes for twenty till a breakfast.

Do not forget about regularity and accept vitgrass every morning. Duration of a course is not limited. During a disease the daily dose can be increased by 2-3 times, in that case juice is accepted in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening to food.

How to make house juice

If you want to prepare juice of wheaten sprouts in house conditions, then stock up with patience. Only on cultivation of wheat not less than a week will leave, but it is worth it as so you can be absolutely sure of quality and freshness of a product. So, for a start it is necessary to buy the organic, processed by nothing wheat, and still eco-friendly soil.

Prorashchivaniye of a vitgrass in house conditions

Process of cultivation of wheaten sprouts:

  1. To wet wheat seeds for 12 hours so that water completely covered them.
  2. To merge water and to leave damp grains for 12 hours.
  3. To repeat the previous two steps several times until from grains escapes arise.
  4. To prepare the container with soil no more than two centimeters thick.
  5. To distribute the sprouted grains on the surface of soil, to press and irrigate slightly with water.
  6. To leave the container covered with a gauze or a cover with holes in the dark place, to spray with water of times a day.
  7. To grow up wheat up to the necessary height of 10-12 cm.

How to prepare juice from germinated wheat

From the received sprouts it is necessary to wring out juice.

For this purpose:

  1. To cut off small stalks it is a little above a root and to cut them on small pieces.
  2. To pass via the juice extractor, having added a little pure drinking or distilled water.
  3. Instead of the juice extractor it is possible to use the blender, at the same time the received mix needs to be wrung out through a small sieve or a gauze.

It is convenient to divide the received drink a la carte on 30 ml at once and further to use frozen. Get it from the deep freeze of minutes for 15-20 before the use and accept on an empty stomach in 20 minutes prior to a breakfast.

Important! For a start try to accept a half of a dose of drink and observe reaction of an organism. In the absence of allergic and any other negative manifestations the dose can be increased to standard — 30 mg a day.

Separately about dietary properties

Vitgrass — a fine product for being on a diet. Thanks to the low caloric content and structure rich vitamin mineral, it helps weight loss, improves exchange processes of an organism and promotes the best splitting of fat cages.

Besides, long sitting on a diet reduces immunity, and vitgrass will help to keep protective forces of an organism at the high level. Also it improves elasticity of skin that is very important at considerable dumping of weight. By experience much growing thin, with vitgrassy it is possible to get rid of the first extra kilos even not too changing the habitual diet.

This phytomeans so saturates an organism with useful substances that consumption of high-calorific food decreases with little effort. Besides, it brings excess water out of an organism that allows to remove hypostases and to reduce body volumes.

Dry, fresh or frozen?

Of course, as well as it is better to use any other product, sprouts of wheat fresh. But, as a rule, for this purpose there is no opportunity, otherwise it should arrange continuous production of juice. Therefore as much as possible to keep all valuable substances, vitgrass freeze.

Fortunately, this process does not influence the content of vitamins and minerals in a product in any way. Moreover, freezing reduces rigidity of cellular walls and allows an organism to take the maximum quantity of valuable substances from a cage.

But It should be noted that the period of storage of the frozen juice makes no more than 12 months, and its repeated freezing leads to loss of the majority of useful substances.

Quality dry juice also keeps all useful vitamins and minerals and is convenient that it, for example, can be taken to the road and it at the same time does not demand special storage conditions. Therefore to choose in what look to accept juice, it is necessary proceeding from the opportunities and a way of life.

Whether you know? On the American continent wheat got only in 1602. The usual clay pot in which the America's first wheat was grown up is stored in the capital of Ecuador the city of Quito as a relic to this day.

Whether there are a harm and contraindications

Vitgrass can do harm at the use of an expiration date, its after the termination, or at the wrong storage therefore pathogenic bacteria developed. Therefore it is necessary to be attentive upon purchase and the use of sprouts of wheat. Also you should not exceed a daily dose, it can cause negative reaction of an organism.

Contraindications to application of a vitgrass are:

If you want to look younger, freshen up and revitalize all organism, then vitgrass — your choice! He will add to you energy, will increase the resilience of an organism and will help to forget about many illnesses. Try — and you by all means estimate it. This cocktail of the most useful vitamins and minerals will become your reliable assistant for many years.

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