Stewed meat with prunes: recipe of an original dish

Stewed meat with prunes: recipe of an original dish

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Warm season considerably expands the range of dishes which can be prepared with seasonal vegetables and fruit. If you want to diversify your habitual menu, try to make a stewed meat with prunes. It can safely be referred both to category of delicacies, and to universal foods. It is possible to give to it practically any garnish. And prunes will impact unique relish with juicy sourness and amazing aroma.


To the hostess for record: how to choose meat and prunes

That the dish turned out tasty and became a delicacy, special attention should be paid on a number of important nuances. In the original recipe of a stewed meat with prunes beef or veal - only pulp, without bones is used only. Other types, such as pork or fowl, for this purpose dish categorically don't approach. Here just that case when you don't save on products categorically. In spite of the fact that beef is considered pretty rigid, in this dish it turns out soft and gentle. But at the same time it is necessary to be ready to the fact that at a plate it is necessary to spend not less than two hours. 

Prunes need to be chosen that which managed to keep up enough. Ideally, if it has sweet-sour taste. Such fruits can't be saved from stones previously. If not juicy prunes get to you, in 40 minutes prior to use he will need to be killed in hot water which temperature has to be not higher than 60 degrees.

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Recipe for a stewed meat with prunes

In spite of the fact that the dish is considered the real delicacy, process of its preparation won't demand from you any special culinary skills. For a start in 40 minutes take from prunes of a stone and if in it there is a need, wet it in hot water. 

Meanwhile wash out meat under flowing water and dry it by means of paper towels. Then cut it in small cubes across fibers with the party about 3-4 cm. If desired they can be beaten off slightly a hammer that pieces were a little softened. Peel onions and carrots a peel. After that chop onions half rings, and cut carrots lengthways in half and cut thinly in the form of a semicircle. 

First of all it is necessary to prepare tomato subfrying. For this purpose take a frying pan and properly warm up. Pour a little sunflower oil (2-3 tablespoons) and heat it. Put onions half rings in a cauldron and fry them, stirring slowly, to transparency. Then add carrots to onions and fry until vegetables don't become pleasant golden color. At the end put tomato paste and fry it together with onions and carrots about 5 minutes. 

While subfrying is preparing, in other frying pan heat a little more oil, and then lay out meat and fry it before emergence of a ruddy crust. If it was frozen before, liquid can begin to be melted. Surely wait that it evaporated up to the end. Time of roasting of meat at the same time can increase for 5-10 minutes. As soon as meat becomes ruddy, the frying pan will need to be removed from a plate at once.

As soon as meat and subfrying are ready, shift them in a separate pan, pour in 300-350 ml of boiled water and bring to the boil. After that cover preparation and you extinguish at a moderate temperature within 1 hour. 

After time add prunes, a black sprinkling pepper, salt to meat and cook a dish of 40 more minutes. 

Spread out a ready-to-eat meal in the portions and give with any garnish, for example, mashed potatoes, pasta, buckwheat or rice. Such unusual food for certain will become fine option for a dinner in the bosom of the family. 

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