Whether pregnant women can drink kvass"

Whether pregnant women can drink kvass"

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 During a summer heat kvass — natural drink which was known at the time of Ancient Russia and is result of fermentation process very well satisfies thirst. It contains substances which are very necessary for pregnant women, but some of them are confused that at it there is also a scanty share of alcohol.

You learn from this article how it is safe to use this product at pregnancy.

Whether pregnant women can drink kvass

For a start we will study features of impact of drink on health in different terms of pregnancy.

Important! Kvass has to be 100% natural, without dyes, fragrances and preservatives.

In the first trimester

Initial three months — the most responsible. At this stage there are significant changes in an organism of future mummy and the main bodies at the child are put.

Therefore at this time it is necessary to drink this drink very carefully — it can increase formation of gases in intestines that in turn can lead not only to a meteorizm, but also to the raised uterine tone, and it is very dangerous as threatens with an abortion.

So in the first trimester it is better to refuse kvass. And if nevertheless there is a strong wish to try it, then be not fond.

In the second

The second trimester — perhaps, the quietest period when this product can be drunk bravely, but in reasonable volumes (it is no more than 2 glasses in day). It will save you from thirst and also will fill up reserves of vitamins and mineral substances which during pregnancy the increased quantity is necessary.

Whether you know? The value of the verb "make sour" means "to drink alcoholic beverages", and there was an expression from the word "kvass". And all because in Russia the fortress of this drink could reach 15 ° and it was possible to get drunk with it decently!

Only do not forget to listen to the health. If something disturbs you, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

In the third

In the last three months of pregnancy it is necessary to treat this product with care again. It can become the reason of the raised uterus tone (because of gas generation) that threatens with childbirth before term; also there can be strengthening of hypostases.

On the other hand, this drink has the purgative effect which will help at locks therefore here individual approach depending on health of future mother is necessary.

The laxative effect is also rendered by cherry plum, radish daikon, boiled carrots, mango.

Anyway, it is impossible to drink a large number.

Contraindications and precautionary measures

There is a number of diseases and pathological states when it is impossible to drink kvass categorically.

Treat them:

In bottles, casting, or house

Now, when you precisely know in what cases our drink will not do much harm to health, it is necessary to choose correctly that which is suitable for the use during pregnancy.

Whether you know? At ancient Slavs the treat this wonderful drink was considered as a wish of a rich harvest.

Options exist the following:

  1. Kvass in bottles. Such product is presented on shelves of shops in a big variety. But, unfortunately, many drinks of the submitted brands are very far from naturalness therefore very attentively study the label with structure. The correct kvass has to contain such main ingredients: water, malt, sugar, yeast. Various herbs, dry berries, honey, nuts can be added. According to Roscontrol, absolutely few bottled grades popular with the population, really natural are also made method of double fermentation. To it Ochakov and Family Secret drinks belong, for example.
  2. Kvass on a flood. Future mothers should just forget about this option for all nine months, it is impossible to check not only structure of a product, but also conditions of production, storages and transportations. Besides, under great doubt respect for sanitary and hygienic norms.
  3. Home-made kvass. The drink made at home suits ladies in situation in the best way. You precisely know structure of a product and are sure of its quality as it was made own hands.

So, now you know that during pregnancy kvass can be used.

It is important! When you buy bottled kvass, pay attention to an expiration date and you store its opened no more than two days. And you keep drink of house preparation in the fridge no more than 5 days. Poisoning is not necessary for you at all!

Only consider the health and existence of contraindications and also know when to stop.

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