How to construct a curve

How to construct a curve

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There are two types of curves: basic and working. The basic curve forms a basis for implementation of the drawing of model. The elegance and landing on a figure of future product will depend on the accuracy of a basic curve. The way of creation of these curves is identical to mass and custom tailoring. And the working curve is used for cutting of a product of concrete model and a certain size.

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1. Be prepared for removal of exact measures from a figure of the person for which the curve is under construction. At the same time he has to be dressed in the dress from fine fabric which is strictly horizontally girded slightly up to a waist by a tape. Consider that it is always necessary to be from a back of the measured person when you take measurements of grasps (chest measures – the centimetric tape is on shovels). Have in strictly horizontal position a tape on speakers sites of a figure – chest glands, buttocks. Do not pull and do not hold too freely centimetric tape.

2. Take measurements of the main parts of a figure as follows: Chest – on the most acting as points of shovels and breasts; A waist Grasp – on a waistline (do not pull a centimetric tape); The Grasp of hips – it is horizontal in the area of hips (consider a stomach relief); Length before to a waist – from crossing of the line of a shoulder with the line of a grasp of a neck to a waistline (consider breast vystupaniye); Back Length to a waist – in the area of passing up from a waist; Shoulder Length – from the neck basis to the line of an armhole (measure on the middle of a shoulder); Back Width – from one hand on more acting points of shovels to another (be guided by back corners of axillary hollows); Breast Width – similar to measurement of width of a back (a centimetric tape have so it would pass about 5 cm below than the neck basis, only did not come on camber of a breast).

3. By the received sizes construct the drawing of a curve on graph paper. It can be used also in such look, and it is possible then to transfer to more convenient material - a film, thin plastic. Remember that once having carefully and correctly constructed curves, you can sew a lot of beautiful clothes qualitatively.

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