What alternative types of fuel exist

What alternative types of fuel exist

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Continuous increase in petrol prices and diesel fuel, exhaustion of world reserves of oil cause serious concerns to the international community. Use of alternative types of fuel will help not only to decide to increase power independence and safety of the country, but also to reduce air pollution, to partially solve a problem of global warming. Huge advantage of some types of fuel – they are made from inexhaustible stocks.

One of alternative types of fuel is a natural gas. It is everywhere used on an equal basis with gasoline and diesel fuel, many countries use gas for supply of houses and production objects. In comparison with gasoline and diesel fuel, gas at combustion gives much less harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

One more widespread power source – electricity. It can be also used for vehicles, for this purpose they are supplied with powerful batteries. At the same time batteries, as a rule, from the standard power supply are charged. Such vehicles work at the electric energy developed due to chemical reaction which turns out at compound of oxygen and hydrogen. The fuel element makes energy without internal combustion and is absolutely safe for the environment.

At mixture of hydrogen with natural gas one more type of alternative fuel for vehicles is formed. More often there are models of the cars using hydrogen. The fuel element at the same time is also based on electricity received as a result of electrochemical reaction of compound of oxygen and hydrogen. When processing natural gas or crude oil one more popular type of fuel – propane appears. It is widely used as in life, on production, and for vehicles. It is impossible to call it safe for the atmosphere, but nevertheless it is less harmful, than gasoline. One of the perspective, but so far poorly used types of alternative fuel – biodiesel fuel. In its basis - vegetable oils or animal fats, even those that remain at restaurants or on productions of food. It is applied as in the modified engines (in that case it is filled in in pure form) and in not adapted (biodiesel fuel at the same time mixes up with hydrocarbon diesel fuel). This type of alternative fuel is safe, it reduces the content in air of such pollutants as hydrocarbons and solid impurity. One more alternative type of fuel – ethanol (grain or ethyl alcohol). It is made from grain products, for example, of barley, wheat, corn, some species of herbs and trees, that is from renewable natural resources. To consider mix was considered as an alternative type of fuel, it has to contain not less than 85% of ethanol. The universal fuel system offered by most of producers allows to use the mix containing 85% of ethanol and 15% of gasoline. Use of ethanol as fuel allows to reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere. In the future there can be vehicles using methanol, wood methyl alcohol. Even today in mix with gasoline it can be used in cars with the universal fuel system designed for work on M85.

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