Whether eyelash extension is harmful

Whether eyelash extension is harmful

Each girl can receive languishing or coquettish look today, having resorted to eyelash extension. Being going to decide on this procedure, it is worth weighing everything pros and cons and to learn whether eyelash extension can be harmful.

Today many beauty shops promise clients disposal of need of daily tiresome drawing make-up, offering them permanent make-up and also eyelash extension. Poresnichny building saves long time from need to use ink and at the same time allows to be the owner of pronounced eyes which are surrounded with long fluffy eyelashes. There is only question of that, building is how harmful.

Procedure of building

Building is opposed sometimes by both ophthalmologists, and dermatologists, claiming that they under the increased fibers natural become fragile, and after removal of the increased bunches they simply can begin to drop out. To understand whether eyelash extension is harmful, it is necessary to know technology of holding this procedure.

There are puchkovy and poresnichny building methods. At first the master removes make-up from eyes, then degreases eyelashes special solution, and on eyelids imposes small pillows with hydrogel that glue has not got on skin. At poresnichny method to each hair it is attached artificial that increases its length and volume. Holding procedure should not be harmful to eyes and should not cause any problems if the skilled master has got to you. Usually eyelashes after building keep two-three weeks, after that they demand correction. Within the first two hours hairs cannot be wetted and also to subject to mechanical influences. For washing it is impossible to use milk with the content of cosmetic oil during the entire period of carrying. At the same time it is not recommended to visit sauna or to sunbathe on the beach. Observance of all recommendations can save from unnecessary consequences.

How to keep the eyelashes

Such saloon service as eyelash extension, can thin them. There is number of contraindications with which it is undesirable to resort to this procedure. Among them it is possible to note allergic reactions, skin, inclined to fat content, carrying contact lenses and also conjunctivitis. Some problems with eyes can provoke also separate components of structures which use when building. Glue for eyelashes can contain pitches, but at respect for technology of building if substance does not get on mucous membrane, it is quite possible to avoid allergy. Using thin hairs of absolutely small length, it is possible to avoid load of the eyelashes that afterwards they have not begun to drop out. And here the dryness of eyelid skin can be avoided, using creams around water-based eyes.

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