How to treat neurosis at children

How to treat neurosis at children

The main reason for both children's, and adult neurosises - a long nerve strain. Children's neurosis has the following symptoms: depression, block, phobias, alarm, hysterical behavior, obsessions and rituals, violation of food, blocking of ability to training. Address the neurologist if to your child there is something similar. Because children's neurosises are capable to develop over time and to take more serious forms with which at adult age it will be much more difficult to cope.

It is required to you

  • - Consultation of the children's psychologist;
  • - consultation of the neurologist;
  • - collecting officinal herbs;
  • - walks in the fresh air.


1. See a doctor. The doctor will register a series of psychotherapeutic classes and a course of treatment medicines. The psychotherapy can be different. For example, art therapy widespread today. Drawing, being engaged in a molding from clay, designing something the hands, the child will be able to distract, recustomize consciousness on quieter, measured speed. So he will distract from negative thoughts and fears.

2. Take dancing classes with the child. It will allow the child to realize excessive mobility, unwillingness to sit in place and to submit to adults. There is a wish to run and swing hands - do it, swing the head, shout. Thanks to dances or the friend to an active type of activity the child has an opportunity to release negative energy. Certainly, it is necessary to give the child to the special teacher, but not to the ordinary dance teacher.

3. Be careful in use of medicamentous psychotropic drugs for treatment of neurosises. Do not abuse them, such drugs suppress not only emotional overexcitation, but also will of the child. At it problems with social adaptation, communication with other children can begin.

4. Apply folk remedies of treatment of neurosises. Usually it is various herbal mixes and tinctures. Oats infusion is recommended. Take 0.5 kg of oats and wash with cold water, fill in with liter of pure cold water, on small fire weld to a condition of semi-readiness. Filter by means of a gauze. Let's drink the received broth to the child, adding 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

5. Use natural sedatives - broths from a root of a valerian, melissa leaves, flowers of a calendula, a motherwort, etc. Young leaves of a birch, infusion from fennel fruits are also useful (restores a healthy sleep).

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