How to clean the history of search in the browser

How to clean the history of search in the browser

From time to time users need to clean the history of search in the browser. Especially if someone from them works with important information and wants to secure personal data.


1. Clean the log or completely it is possible to turn off storage of history in the browser, having performed several simple operations. They will depend on what browser you use. During the work with Internet Explorer open the menu "Service". Further click the Internet Options point and the General tab. For cleaning of history press the button with the corresponding name. And to disconnect storage function, put 0 value opposite to the How Many Days to Store Links field. Leave the menu, having clicked OK.

2. The users working with the Mozilla Firefox browser should open the Tools menu and to select the Setup item. Here you will see the Privacy field, click on it. In the appeared list select the History point and find the Clean key. For failure from storage of history set value of the Store History at Least parameter on "0". Do not forget to click on  the OK button.

3. In the Safari browser use the column History which is located in the top menu. Click Clear History.

4. If you work with Google Chrome, press the Setup button (it is represented in the form of a wrench). Further select the History item. In it click the Change Elements command and you will see the necessary button "Delete Data on the Viewed Pages".

5. It is not obligatory to clean history directly via the browser at all. It is possible to come into "Start-up", to select the column "Control panel" and to click the folder under the name "Internet Options". In the appeared window use the section "General", and in it open the history of viewing.

6. To erase the history of search in the browser, click "Delete". By the way, you can clean as well such fields as "Cookies", "Temporary files of the Internet", "Data of web forms", "Log" and "Passwords". It should be noted that removal of information is possible both separately, and at once from all listed folders. For this purpose in the bottom of a window click on the Delete Everything button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team