Different options of glass tables: computer, journal, written

Different options of glass tables: computer, journal, written

More and more modern designers pay special attention to inclusion in interior of glass elements. As furniture registration the glass tables of different function having the features and shortcomings are more often used.

Despite escalating popularity, glass table for the present it is impossible to call ordinary part of interior. In each single case the table with glass table-top is not independent element of interior, and belongs rather to special attributes. Besides, the high cost of such furniture does not allow to apply it everywhere therefore glass tables automatically become that part which gives to interior identity large-scale.

Quite widespread type of glass tables - lunch. Besides attractive exterior they have also number of practical advantages. Table layout with glass table-top can be executed without cloth, the tempered and chemically processed glass is not afraid of blows and high temperatures, is easily purified from pollution. Of course, to such furniture the special approach - frequent cleaning and use of special cleansers is required.

Obvious plus of glass tables - preservation of visual space of the room. Use of frosted glasses and not tinted surfaces is so widespread on this reason.

Also coffee tables from glass and support under household and office equipment are widespread. Such furniture most naturally fits into the majority of design decisions though parts of decorative registration of glass in this case have to correspond to the general style of interior in the greatest measure. Tiny glass tables have received the greatest distribution in view of rather low cost. Subject for separate conversation - office glass furniture. Of course, the glass table will ridiculously look in office with interior of the Venetian style or issued in the spirit of Renaissance. At the same time, the glass table can be effectively entered in classical office set, and in combination with hi-tech registration such part of interior is irreplaceable at all. But in study the glass table is not only indicator of the status of the owner, availability of furniture such has the deep psychological background. Working at glass table-top, the businessman kind of hints at transparency of business relations and at the most open cooperation.

Modern word in registration of studies - glass table-tops with the built-in touch screens of various communicators: from the display of the personal computer to various control boards.

In house interior the desks are used also often, as well as at offices. The reason for that - their high durability. The carelessness of school students is known to much, not less people at least once saw what the wooden or laminated table-top after several years of operation turns into. Glass in this aspect differs in the fact that on it it is almost impossible to leave indelible pollution, to it sharp objects are not so terrible. The edge of glass table-top is not rubbed clean over the years, and the metal framework on which the table is built does not lose the durability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team