Floor plinth of PVC: types and sizes

Floor plinth of PVC: types and sizes

Floor plinth from polyurethane – easy and available way to give to walls and floor the finished look. On sale there are options of different shades and invoices, the form and width of plinth depends on the general stylistics of interior. Qualitative products serve many years, and it is possible to mount them independently, without resorting to services of professionals.

Plinths from PVC: what they happen

Plinths from polymeric materials – the budgetary replacement to products from tree. They have mass of advantages: affordable price, variety of models, wide choice of shades and sizes, simplicity of mounting. On sale there are 2 options of plinth from plastic – normal, skintight to wall, and the equipped cable channel. The second option is much more practical, it helps to hide wires, to protect them from accidental damages, to make overall view of the room accurater.

The floor plinth about cable channel is issued in 2 modifications. The first represents monolith with the ornamental strip inside serving as support for wires. The second option is more difficult. The plinth consists of 2 parts: the first fastens on wall and serves derzhataly for wires, the second, decorative, is mounted after cable laying and reliably covers it. If necessary the top pad can be removed, added one more cable, to replace wire or to check its state.

Specialists in repair recommend to choose the second option of plinth. It is necessary at large number of cables which need to be laid along wall. It is very simple to fix basic part to wall, carefully it is not necessary to join parts. After mounting of decorative part the joints close the pads and corners executed in the same style and color. If the plinth is strengthened incorrectly, it is easy to remove and mount it differently. Participation of professionals is not required, all works can be made independently.   

One more offer – plinth from frothed PVC. The drawing is applied on outer side, there are options which are pasted over with strong film. On inside of plinth there are 3-4 channels for the cables supplied with the fixing clip-on earrings. After mounting the product looks very accurately, but it is more difficult to fix it, it is necessary to lay at first cables to canals, and only then to fix design on wall.

Councils for the choice of plinth

Upon purchase of plinth it is necessary to pick up color and dimensions correctly. Usually are guided by shade of floor, walls or doors. The ideal plinth is capable to unite different tone in harmonious composition, without being evident.

The wide plinth or border is considered universal option (up to 150 mm in height). Such products can have various decor, do them smooth or relief. Additional plus – opportunity to place several cables at the same time. However wide borders cannot be established under low radiators heating, furniture can become obstacle also. Alternative option – the narrow plinth which is well closing joints between floor and wall and considering features of configuration of the room.

Plinth from PVC – the good decision for rooms with uneven walls and floor. Material well bends, does not burst and is not damaged, it can be strengthened without additional alignment of surfaces. The rubber pads strengthened on edge will help to smooth roughnesses. It is better to fix such plinths self-tapping screws, during the accurate work of hat will be imperceptible on surface. If walls equal, it is possible to fix plinths special sealants, liquid nails and other types of all-purpose adhesive will not approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team