How to create heat and cosiness in the house

How to create heat and cosiness in the house

The friendly and sincere atmosphere which is disposing to dialogue, adjusting on positive emotions reigns in the cozy house. It is possible to introduce to the house comfort and heat and without expensive furniture and fashionable decor.

The ideas for cosiness in the house

The large role in creation of the pleasant atmosphere is played by color. The walls painted in warm colors kind of envelop the heat space, affect umirotvoryayushche people. The invoice of elements of decor has important value.

From glossy surfaces blows as cold, on the contrary, interiors in which there is a lot of tree, have soul, they warm and calm. Floors, walls, ceiling can be wooden. Originally and positively ceiling beams from tree look in design of the room. The panel from saw cuts of log will add a little creative.

The home, in independence of that will become oasis of heat, there will be this bio - electro- or fireplace with wood fire chamber. The chimney portal from porcelain tile is combined with decor from tree as puzzles of one game. It is important to think over lighting system for creation of cosiness. By means of sconce, floor lamps, desk lamps it is possible to achieve different intensity of lighting of the room.

It is possible to fill emptiness of walls with unusual photo gallery on plates or the decorative objects made theby hands telling about hobbies of owners. It will make registration of the house uncommon, original.

Needlework for cosiness in the house

"We spend evening long in the general room – the living room. To all family it is cozy in it" - it is so possible to tell about the house with individual, not faceless design. The nature of the house will be emphasized by handicrafts. The present fairy tale will be created by objects – cachepot, coffee and coffee tables, frames for photos – decorated in the equipment decoupage.

Stylish the curtains, cushions executed in style patchwork, decorated with embroidery or lacy elements look. And as it is pleasant to get on sofa with legs and to be wrapped in the warm, connected by the hands plaid. Will add tenderness and romanticism to napkin space on table. The color rugs connected from residues of yarn or old things cut on tapes will give bright highlight of the hall.

Surround yourself with not banal things which it is pleasant to touch, interestingly to consider, they will fill the house with positive power, will make it warm and cozy.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team