How to cut trees

How to cut trees

Regular planned cutting of trees – important part of gardening work. All fruit-trees and bushes need periodic undercutting of excess young people or already died off branches. Cutting tree, the gardener not only thins out and forms krone, but also stimulates more active growth of fruits. However any cutting has to be carried out with observance of certain rules not to do harm to tree.


1. The first that needs to be considered: it is necessary to cut different fruit-trees at different times years. For example, apple-trees and pears it is the best of all to cut off within winter months (between November and March) while the tree is in the quiet dozing state. Stone cultures (plum, cherry) cannot be cut in the winter, it is done only at the beginning of spring until trees have blossomed yet, or in the fall after collecting fruits.

2. The main tasks of cutting of trees is removal of the old, died-off branches struck with the wrecker and stimulation of growth of new kidneys. Therefore first of all at scrap the dried-up branches are removed, and then the live, growing inside kroner or from the trunk basis are accurately cut.

3. It is necessary to cut off live branches of krone taking into account arrangement of the sleeping kidneys – the cut has to pass several centimeters above kidney. It is better to cut off thin branches garden scissors or secateurs, large will require one-handed saw.

4. All fresh cuts exceeding the size of 50-kopeck coin in the diameter need to be processed the disinfecting garden thief. It will protect tree from penetration of wreckers into open wood and will help wound to drag on rather.

5. To begin to cut carefully young trees it is necessary in the first two years of life at stage of forming of krone. First of all delete the branches growing in the parties or in the krone. Well created, thinned out krone provides to leaves the correct ventilation and allows tree to remain healthy for many years. On achievement of five-year age all trees need to be cut annually, deleting excess and sick branches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team