How to replace the bought flower

How to replace the bought flower

Have you bought in shop pleasant to you flower? Most likely, you esteemed about its properties in advance and have chosen for it the place. Perhaps, you even used knowledge of the doctrine Feng shui and assume how it will affect psychological situation as will change personally your life. It turns out that change of the bought window plants sometimes can be and is inappropriate.

  • - clay pot with pallet,
  • - cachepot,
  • - soil,
  • - additives.

1. Do not replace flower if on that there is no need. The plant does not need to be replaced if it is grown up in the conditions of your area, in the greenhouse, and is in the soil, but not in substrate for transportation. So it adapts in new conditions better. If you are confused by pot, then change it without replacement of the soil. Give preference to normal clay pots. It can be painted or to issue interestingly. Do not forget about saucer under pot. Now it is possible to get very interesting rotangovy and wattled cachepots. The main thing that it did not harm plant.

2. Replace your plant if it is in substrate for transportation. Before change do not water it. Previously learn what soil is necessary to your plant, and get it. Show consideration for additives in the sold soil. Usually for plants the conditions as close as possible to natural are created. For example, it is very doubtful that haydite is necessary in the soil. And here pieces of granite breed or quartz can be not so superfluous.

3. Pave the way for change. If your flower demands certain composition of the ground, and you have not found it, then it is possible to buy normal soil for houseplants and to add there natural sand, peat, etc. It is also necessary to consider and conditions of the room. By the time of change the prepared earth has to be damp and nice on the touch, without lumps.

4. Put several natural average stones on pot bottom. Fill in earth pot approximately on third, accurately place plant which roots previously as much as possible clean from substrate. Dosypte the earth from two parties. Pay attention that side roots of plant should not concern pot walls. Condense the earth to stability of plant. If it is necessary, its dosypta several times since when watering eventually it will a little settle, thereby giving the chance to plant to take roots.

5. Look after plant. Do not forget to overturn occasionally pot, to loosen the soil, in time to water, humidify leaves. It is live part of the nature. And she will create the favorable atmosphere in your house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team