How to find range

How to find range

The voice, as well as any function of an organism, is unique and has certain properties. Each person can learn, and as a result of systematic trainings, and is considerable expand the sound range.

It is required to you

  • - any musical instrument.


1. If you decided to master singing art, address the music teacher. The expert will help to learn the range of your voice by means of a musical instrument and will define the lowermost and top notes which you are capable to reproduce. During testing try to sing a note in unison with a musical instrument, and not just "to hold out" it.

2. Based on the previous method, determine the range of the voice independently. Use any musical instrument and, striking strings or pressing keys, try to sing the lower sounds. Gradually pass to the top tonality. Consider that singing has to come to you easily and not cause an anguish. Otherwise you risk to strain a voice.

3. Remember that during the ordinary conversation you use only the tenth part of the full voice range. Singing songs, the person feels freely only within one register. But at the correct methodical training and constant trainings the voice range can be considerably expanded. As a rule, increase results from increase in the top limit of range.

4. Using the method supplementing a method of special trainings for vocalists expand the voice range and its quality by means of breathing exercises. You watch the bearing – the constraint in a body prevents the correct breath, so - to beautiful singing and the free speech.

5. Having correctly determined the voice range, pick up the solo song repertoire corresponding to it which will not reboot your sheaves. Check of voice parameters can be required not only by singers, but also the people who are engaged in a vocal for improvement of the speech. Expansion of range affects also other characteristics of a voice – its force, a timbre and coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team