How to learn water temperature

How to learn water temperature

Today it is easy to learn water temperature, in general. And it became possible for a long time, approximately at the beginning of the 18th century - the temperature scale was just at that time invented. But even ancient were able not just to distinguish hot water from cold, but with an accuracy of degree to determine temperature.


1. The first device for measurement of temperature was invented in the 16th century by Galilei and it was called - a thermoscope. In the device the property of gases to change the volume at heating and cooling was used, however indications of such device were rather inexact and were not expressed, alas, in a numerical form.

2. It was necessary to think of improvement of the device. Here also thought up a temperature scale. However to a uniform temperature scale the scientists came not at once, it appeared only in 1927 and further was still improved.

3. Today we use a scale which was accepted in 1990 for measurement of water temperature. But also it distinguishes units of measure - it is degrees Celsius, habitual for us (C) and also degrees Fahrenheit (F, are used in the USA and England) and Kelvin (J), called so on names of the scientists working on creation of a scale.

4. The difference in scales is expressed that for zero they took various temperatures. As you well know, in Celsius scale for 0 ° water freezing temperature is accepted, and 100 ° there corresponds temperature of boiling of the same water.

5. And here for Calvin's scale much lower temperature – absolute zero, i.e. the lowest temperature for a physical body is taken for a reference point. Absolutely in a different way the situation with a scale of the person is.

6. Let's sum up the results. From the aforesaid it is clear that it is possible to take water temperature by means of the thermometer.

7. However cases when even by means of such easy-to-work device it is impossible to determine temperature are frequent. It happens when you "here", and water "there", it is far and it is practically not possible "to reach" it the thermometer, but it is very necessary.

8. In that case try to design the device for measurement of water temperature independently. For example, you need to know water temperature in a garden shower.

9. Take a metal barrel of small volume (0.5 l) and attach to it hermetically thin tubule from elastic material, but best of all metal. Attach one more to the free end of a tubule - "U"-shaped glass.

10. At the moment when in a shower tank the coldest water, fill in in a tubule of a little tinted water (add several drops of lubricating oil for "obstruction" of water in a tubule), then you prigruzit a barrel ballast (that did not emerge).

11. At temperature increase of water in a tank liquid will be forced out by heated air from a barrel from a tubule and will be established at the certain level. Graduate a scale, and you always easily learn water temperature in a shower flank.

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