How to receive static electricity

How to receive static electricity

Through static electricity the mankind once for the first time got acquainted with the electric phenomena in general. Only then it was proved that electricity is not divided into different types, and only differs in parameters. But also today people on a habit call static electricity which is characterized by the considerable tension and small current.


1. Before carrying out any experiments with static electricity competently prepare a workplace. Remove from it any devices sensitive to electrostatic fields, including computers, mobile phones, players, etc. Remove the electronic watch. For photography of experiments use services of the assistant who has to be at distance not less than four meters from the test unit. If you carry a pacemaker or an automatic defibrillator and also if you have heart disease, refuse carrying out experiments with static electricity in general. The same concerns the assistant and the audience.

2. Take a plastic bottle from any drink. Remove from it a sticker. Carefully clean it from glue. If at the same time water was applied, dry a sticker.

3. Begin to stretch a sticker between fingers. Pay attention that after several such drawings it will begin to be attracted to fingers. You already received static electricity.

4. Continuing to stretch a sticker between fingers, you will find out that from it on your fingers electric sparks slip. These sparks it is possible to feel, hear their crash, to feel an ozone smell. The last is allocated under the influence of the short-wave ultra-violet radiation accompanying any electric discharges in air. But here it is impossible to see them even at soft lighting. Completely darken the room, get used to darkness, and you will see them.

5. Take in a hand a tiny neon bulb, for example, NE-2 type. Electrify a sticker as it is stated above, and then, holding a bulb for one of conclusions, carry out by the second in sticker. Pay attention to how it flashes.

6. If there is no neon lamp near at hand, manufacture the self-made pocket detector of static electricity. Take the transparent hollow call from the pen and two unbent paper clips. Fix them so that the spark interval was in the middle of a tube and about a millimeter had length. Holding the rated sportsman for one conclusion, you carry out by other its conclusion on the electrified sticker.

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