As are not afraid to make a declaration of love

As are not afraid to make a declaration of love

The person who made a declaration of love expects from an object of the feelings of response and, of course, expects reciprocity. Otherwise nobody would pronounce these words. But what to do if it is terrible even to begin a conversation about the attachment?


1. Analyze what you are afraid of, to make an avowal of sentiments or the fact that you will be rejected. If you are frightened by the fact that you fell in love with someone, work over yourself, find situation pluses. If you are afraid of refusal, do not hurry to declare the love, observe behavior of the person elected by you. If he (she) accepts your courtesies, shows mutual sympathy, then probability is high that words about love are desired and will be apprehended favourably.

2. Lose in the head all possible options of succession of events after your recognition. An object of your feelings can be surprised to your words or wait for them, be delighted or be upset, reciprocate or reject you. Try to become the mathematician, draw a tree of possible scenarios, prepare the words appropriate in each case. Estimate the probability of approach of any given outcome. After such detailed preparation it will be simpler to you to begin a conversation if you, of course, people with mathematical mentality, and in your life there is no place of spontaneity.

3. Think that you lose nothing, but you can get a lot of things. Present – now there are you and only you. But after recognition there is a probability that there will be you and an object of your attachment. And in case of refusal all of you equally will not get to anywhere, just there will still be "you and only you".

4. Throw out all thoughts of the previous bad experiences of a declaration of love from the head, they only disturb you. Besides it is impossible to compare different situations and the human relations. This time all in a different way, and how everything will pass, depends only on you.

5. Seize the opportunity to make a declaration of love byby communications or nonverbal forms of communication. They help people timid by nature to reveal completely. Send the SMS message, the e-mail or contact the person on Skype. Despite territorial remoteness of an object of feelings, recognition it is possible to make not less romantic and touching, than in real life, but it will give you the chance to stay in a situation, comfortable for you, to abstract from external irritants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team