Allergy to pets — it does not matter

Allergy to pets — it does not matter

The problem which is often found nowadays – an allergy to canine friends. Saliva, wool, and sometimes even a forage for animals can be the activator of allergic reactions. As to arrive: to bring the fluffy pet or to protect health?

The answer is simple – to get hypoallergenic animals among whom – aquarium fishes. They will perfectly remove emotional loading, will introduce a certain tranquility and a cosiness in household life. It is very simple to buy these mute pets now – pet-shops provide the broadest choice of small fishes. However, before it it is necessary to check their forage for availability of allergens. For this purpose it is enough to fill of it in small ware and to leave for some time. If any there is no reaction – safely buy!

One more cool pets are turtles. As a rule, they durable, silent, quickly adapt to people, it is simple to look after them. Can sometimes bite, but only when long time starve. In all the rest turtles of aggression do not show.

The lizard will be very original acquisition for the allergic person. But it is necessary not to forget that they need to move much therefore it is necessary to let out often them from a terrarium for jogs. The majority of lizards – predators. They eat several times a day, preferring spiders, worms, crickets, small vertebrata.

The ideal pets for people suffering from allergic reactions to animals are snails. It is rather simple to feed them, easily to look after, they silent, besides, they can live together with small fishes. And overland snails (akhatina) grow to the sizes of a human palm, live 10 years and, speak, can even recognize the owner.

If the listed options for some reason do not approach, and there is a wish for classical pet – an exit is too. There is a set nonhairy, not fading breeds which are poorly fading at all, both among cats, and among dogs. The most widespread are a sphinx and kornish-rex: the first are extremely clever, the second – are playful. If after all there is a wish for a doggie, it is possible to buy a xoloitzcuintle who, by the way, is perfectly trained. The poodle will become a great choice for children – it differs in huge friendliness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team