As it is necessary to feed a Yorkshire terrier

As it is necessary to feed a Yorkshire terrier

York is the small pocket breed of dog requiring permanent care and attention. Feeding – the main thing in life of a dog, depends on it her health, health, appearance, wool.

It is required to you

  • - scales,
  • - forage,
  • - vitamins.


1. Because of improper feeding the Yorkshire terriers quickly gain weight. Completeness for a dog, as well as for the person, bad sign. They begin problems with health, bones begin to develop incorrectly. Feed terriers in the morning and in the evening, any having a snack. The forage is calculated by a formula: 0.5 kg of weight of a dog multiply by 1 tablespoon of a forage. For example, if the dog weighs 3 kg, then she needs 6 tablespoons of a forage in the morning and as much in the evening.

2. If you do not want to feed a dog with a specialized forage, then surely add vitamins to natural food.

3. For feeding it is possible to use: beef both the crude, and scalded, beef kidneys, a stomach, a liver, vegetables, porridge gerkulesovy, cottage cheese, sea fish without bones. Before feeding a dog, food is small sliced.

4. Pork, smoked products, mutton and sausage, a pollock, pasta, bread, milk, sweet and potato is forbidden to be given to a dog. Cat's food forbids to feed too, in it a large amount of proteins and fats.

5. In the morning food for a Yorkshire terrier has to be liquid. Alternate delicacies for trainings each five days – meat and cottage cheese. Try to give vegetables every day, fish 2 times a week, an egg yolk of 1 times.

6. Capacity for food have to be on levels of a breast of a dog therefore it is necessary to think out a special steady support.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team