How to support Indo-ducks

How to support Indo-ducks

Musky ducks or so-called Indo-ducks become more and more adored among poultry breeders. They come from South and Central America. These large birds were fallen in love by much thanks to the fact that they do not require specific and difficult leaving. From external features it is possible to allocate the reddish outgrowths on a beak making birds unique.

Pluses of keeping of Indo-ducks

Indo-ducks very quiet and peaceful, enter the conflicts seldom, especially with representatives of the look. These unpretentious birds in food are allocated with strong immunity thanks to which are protected from many illnesses. Existence of a reservoir is optional, but at a possibility of a bird with pleasure will bathe in a pond or a fountain. Bear on average in 100 eggs a year weight 80 g, possess low-fat delicious meat.

Requirements to the room

The room in which Indo-ducks will settle down has to be:

  • clean;
  • spacious;
  • rather warm;
  • protected from humidity and drafts;
  • with free access to water.

As Indo-ducks - the look which came from the South, hard frosts are pernicious for poultry. During the winter period the additional heating not only all room, but also a floor is required. You should not contain in a close utyatnik too – the sizes of a bird demand more space. Because Indo-ducks have vulnerable paws, it is better for owner to avoid emergence of dampness and drafts in an utyatnik, to watch that the laying on a floor was always dry. For each female there has to be a separate nest.


Ducks are omnivorous and consume both vegetable, and animal food. Very much love beet, potatoes and carrots which can be combined with grain crops. Daily access to greens and fresh water is obligatory for birds. From animal food wishes to eat various insects. In a diet also mineral additives are applied. The adult individual eats daily 300-350 g of a forage and drinks water liter. During the summer period the duck provides herself with nutrients on walking therefore feeding can be reduced.

Cutting of wings

Birds are allocated with ability to fly far therefore poultry breeders cutting of wings practices. To clip enough one wing one-two times. It is necessary to do it most carefully to bring less discomfort to a bird.


Does not cause to provide to a bird walking in summertime difficulties, however in the winter with it there is a number of inconveniences. The owner will need to clear away the court yard which is taken away under walk of birds, to fill up with sand, straw or sawdust and to put high fences. With arrival of winter the bathing is contraindicated to birds.

Chicken farming

The poultry breeder has to treat seriously preparation of nests for hens. Synthetic materials for creation of a nest are inadmissible. The room where the duck nests, has to be quiet and peaceful. Ducks begin to rush by April and sit down on a nest when there are 20 eggs. You should not allow approximations of other ducklings to a hen as she can throw a nest and go for walking with others brood.

At a responsible and correct approach to contents and cultivation of Indo-ducks the good income will be provided to the manufacturer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team