How to teach to play a parrot

How to teach to play a parrot

Parrots are better tamed and more actively develop if to play with them. Parrots can also have a good time the toys which are independently offered them. For this purpose it is necessary to interest at first him in a toy, and then to teach to play with it.

It is required to you

  • - Ball for Ping-Pong;
  • - pocket mirror;
  • - hand bell;
  • - wooden objects (for example, pencils);
  • - meccano;
  • - thread;
  • - sheet of paper;
  • - rope;
  • - plastic ring.


1. Teach a parrot to the simplest game with a ball for Ping-Pong. Put a parrot on a table or on a floor. Push a ball in its party. Of course, the parrot will think not at once that from him is required. Push a ball instead of it, and then in its party again. Sooner or later the bird will understand this game and will roll a ball a beak.

2. Tie a piece of paper to a thread. Put a parrot on a table, wait when he tries to grab with a beak a piece of paper, and draw aside a thread. The parrot will run behind it.

3. Put the toy collected from meccano on a table. Put near it or on it a parrot. Draw its attention, beginning to sort a toy. The parrot will become interested in process and will begin to help actively.

4. Complicate this game. For this purpose you need a small box. Begin to put the designer's details from the toy sorted together with a parrot from a table in a box. Having observed you, the bird will repeat your actions. Having learned it, further the parrot has to not throw at analysis of a toy details on a table, and at once bring them to a box.

5. In a cage the parrot will independently play toys which you offer him. Place a hand bell, a pocket mirror in a cage. Brilliant bagatelles will interest a parrot. Put wooden objects in a cage: pencils, old coils from under threads for grinding of a beak. The bird will quickly think that with them to do.

6. Attach to cage top a rope with several knots located at some distance from each other. That the parrot became interested in it, hide delicacies (sunflower seeds, nutlets) in knots of a rope. The parrot will climb a rope at first in search of vkusnyashka, and then just just for the hell of it.

7. Hang up in a cage one more rope with the ring tied to it. Put on it a parrot and slightly rock a rope. The parrot will like to shake on him, and further he will get on a ring. If you have no suitable ring, make and hang up in a swing cage from a rope and a pencil, and your parrot will independently have a good time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team