What animals are white

What animals are white

In the nature animals of the most various coloring and "prints" meet. However special admiration and awe are caused by white inhabitants of the planet. At some such colors of a skin it is caused by the habitat, at others is genetic failure.

White inhabitants of the ArcticThe Arctic is the region which is densely inhabited by animals of white color. Here the given color helps with survival: the light skin merges with a surrounding snow landscape that facilitates masking. And "identity" of these white animals it is impossible to call. Practically each of them has fellows of other flowers living in southern latitudes.

Beauty and grandeur the polar wolf captivates. These subspecies are widespread practically on all Arctic territory, differ in good endurance, ability to adapt to low temperatures and to live without food several weeks in a year. The white skin of a wolf is non-uniform: it can have blue, silvery, brown subtone.

The polar fox possesses ideally white skin (the second name – a polar fox). The animal easily survives extreme temperatures and blizzards, pulling out long tunnels shelters in snowdrifts. White color is the fine camouflage helping "to get lost" with snow and not to fall prey of a polar owl, a polar bear or a glutton.

Polar foxes are omnivores. Difficult conditions of dwelling accustomed to eat a predator everything that occurs in the path. It is established that polar foxes use over 20 plants of different types and about 125 types of animals.

Effectively also the polar hare (alpine hare) looks. The fluffy snow-white skin allows to endure hard frosts and to hide from the main danger – the person. Other enemies of an animal are owls, wolves, polar foxes and other predators – attack, generally old individuals. Because of age the back extremities of a hare weaken, and he cannot escape from a predator. A lovely white animal is the Greenland seal. The main habitat – the Arctic waters, mainly – the drifting ices. The Greenland seals are capable to make broad migrations, and during the periods of a molt and reproduction prefer "a lezhka on ices".

Nature experiments: animals albinosAlbinism it is accepted to call lack of the painting melanin pigment. In fauna such occurrence is very unusual. It is difficult to albinos to survive since the lack of natural coloring often is followed by disorder of hearing and sight.

It is necessary animals albinos in the nature hardly. These individuals sharply react to sunlight, badly are able to mask. They several a little dulled basic instincts that does them by an easy mark.

Animals albinos have completely white coloring and, often, light eyes (blue or gray). Such "individuals" can appear practically in each look. It is known that there are white koalas, pandas, a kangaroo, polecats, monkeys and so forth. However special attention the whole population of the lions albinos living in Timbavati (South African region) deserves. These animals are considered as sacred at natives and never become their production. Several representatives of white lions contain in the Johannesburg zoo. By a nature miracle scientists call dolphins albinos. Such sea inhabitant appears very seldom – once on one million individuals. In the world there is only one picture of a white dolphin made at the Australian coast in 1994.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team