What breed of dog is better for the house with children

What breed of dog is better for the house with children

Children often ask to present to them a canine friend, and many parents agree, care of a puppy teaches the kid to be responsible and careful. But not each dog is suitable for the house with children. Your future pet has to be rather active that with pleasure to play with the child in a ball and a game of tag, but at the same time patient and resignedly to take down attempts to potyagat it for ears or a tail.

The small child should not get a dog nevertheless, despite all his requests. First, the three-five-year-old kid will not be able just to help you with care for an animal, and secondly, at this age the child does not understand yet when he hurts a dog. It does not mean that small children angry, just to certain age they are not able to empathize. And here the first grader can already entrust an animal.

Small dogs for children

It is better for small child to get a small doggie which will not push him to the ground, having pulled a lead. Especially as many small breeds are active and perfectly get on with children. Pay attention to a cocker spaniel – the cheerful participant of childish sports, unruly, devoted and good-natured. Cocker spaniels need care for wool, but if you are ready to bring periodically a dog to the hairdresser, she will be able to become the loyal friend for your child.

Show to the child the animated film by Walt Disney "Lady and the Tramp" in which the cocker spaniel was the main character, and he for certain will agree that it is the best breed in the world.

Poodle – the acquaintance much breed. Regardless of the sizes, the poodle is always with the rascal satisfied with life who wishes to take a fun together with the kid. Long walks are not required for this dog, but houses she behaves quite actively.

One of indisputable advantages of poodles – the long term of life. These dogs live up to 16 years.

The Yorkshire terrier also loves children. This breed is very popular and for certain it will be pleasant to your child, in particular if you have a daughter, a Yorkshire terrier it can dress up and pin up bows on a long bang. With a dog it is not obligatory to walk long, but she will be glad to keep the company to the little owner as at home, and in the yard. Follows you ready to be regular to pay for trimming at the professional and also to look after wool of the animal house.

Large dogs suitable for children

The teenager can buy a large dog who will become him not only another, but also the defender. Perfectly the German shepherd – the national favourite with clever eyes and big heart will be suitable for this purpose. This dog with pleasure will run behind a ball and to bring a plate, but in case of need with ease will banish the offender. The Labrador and a labrador retriever are also family dogs. Little can be more touching that tolstolapy puppies of a Labrador, but also, growing, these dogs remain cheerful and attractive externally. They are active, but at the same time appeasable, and will do everything possible to please the owner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team