What cat breeds exist

What cat breeds exist

Cats are the most popular pets, these predatory creations which happened from a forest cat perfectly get on with people. And people, in turn, try to make them even more beautiful, obedient or unusual, so there are new breeds which remind an ordinary domestic cat less and less. Breeds most known today it is British, Persian, Siamese, meynkun, ekzot, Abyssinian and others.

British cat

Quite large and heavy, "filled" as though plush small animals with the big head, a wide nose and huge eyes are representatives of breed of the British cat popular today. They have small rounded-off ears, a short neck and a powerful trunk with a broad chest, but, despite an impressive look, these cats lovely and tender. Character at them, as a rule, quiet, easy, not aggressive. They seldom are ill, do not demand a special care and well take root to any conditions.

Persian catsLong-haired, with the characteristic high shortened nose and a round face, the Persian cats became popular breed for a long time. They are preferred for an unusual look, gentle long wool and devoted, tender character. To look after these cats not easy, wool needs to be combed regularly, and the most square-tipped representatives of breed – thrill-seekers – demand also attentive approach to food.

Siamese catsSlender, flexible, graceful Siamese cats are allocated with the bright color which is called a color a point. Short light wool on paws, a tail and a muzzle becomes dark, almost black. At siam long thin paws, high brown ears, a narrow muzzle with blue eyes. At these cats difficult character – they love attention and demand communication, often mew or rustle when they are not noticed, are able to remember offenders and to revenge, usually become attached only to one person.


Huge massive meynkuna actively gain popularity among fans of cats. It is the largest cat breed, they can weigh up to 9 kilograms. They have especially big and long tail, the extended and large body, the wide head with large sharp ears. Meynkuna eat much more ordinary domestic cats, but it is an insignificant shortcoming in comparison with advantages of this breed: these quiet cats, friendly, do not spoil furniture and do not rustle and even perfectly give in to training.


Ekzot or the exotic cat is very similar to Persians, but thanks to dense dense wool of average length, a flat muzzle with bright round eyes and children's direct expression, to small plush ears it looks even more lovely because of what it is considered one of the most popular breeds in the world. On character they curious and active, but friendly, almost do not mew, very much become attached to the person.

Other exotic breeds

The Abyssinian cat is least of all similar to a domestic cat and reminds a wild predator of an unknown medium-sized type of cat's. She has an extended flexible body, a sharp muzzle with large roundish ears and very clever, big slanting eyes. Because of short smooth wool it is similar to skillfully turned figurine. Abyssinian cats do not demand a special care, active, they constantly are in the movement. Very korotkoshersty as though the cats who are completely deprived of wool are called sphinxes. They have gentle velvety skin with folds, very high and large ears and expressive eyes. This breed unusually looks and it is even frightening, but owners of sphinxes know that these animals are very clever, tender, sociable and attached to people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team