How to dye hair in blue color

How to dye hair in blue color

The deep and mysterious blue hair color is suitable for the most outstanding creative persons who are not afraid to show to people around the identity. However in the aspiration to become similar to the heroine of the fantastic movie, it is impossible to forget also health of hair without which any hairstyle will not suit.

It is required to you

  • - resistant paint of blue color;
  • - coloring balm.


  1. Choose right color. There are set of shades of one blue tone. Bluish-black hair look not so extravagantly: they will only cast blue at cold lighting. Clothes, accessories and make-up with which the image can be complemented will be important. Using cold shades of shadows and turquoise sweaters, you will emphasize also blue of locks. Saturated color of indigotin will undoubtedly draw to you the attention of people around, but also will place emphasis on hairstyle which have to be always ideal. Light blue shades of hair will make image more gentle and touching, however you should not use them if your skin very pale.
  2. Consider structure and length of hair. To receive beautiful saturated color, hair for certain should be decoloured then they can become thin and splitting. Be ready that restoration of former volume and health can take several months, and part of locks nevertheless should be sheared. Than is more dark natural tone of your hair, especially powerful chemical attack by it it is necessary to worry. It is necessary to remember also length. Best of all bright colors look on short asymmetric or step direct hairstyles. It is better for owners of wavy and curly hair to choose more natural shades for painting. Blue wavy curls will look as wig or will cause inappropriate associations from Malvina. In that case, it is better to dye in blue not all hair, but couple of locks or bang.
  3. Dye hair unstable paint. It will hold on on hair several weeks during which you will get used to the new image and be defined whether it is pleasant to you. Coloring Rokolor balm offers wide choice of flowers. It with firmness keeps on hair at least 2 weeks and does not spoil hair as it is done by the paints containing ammonia and peroxides. However it is necessary to apply balm carefully: together with hair he makes up also skin. Paint of Stargazer, SanoTint and Directions can become alternative. Their palette includes indigo shades which will look rather brightly first of all on fair hair. Dark locks will cast blue. Lack of all these means is the instability and it will become dangerous to be caught in the rain. Under the influence of water, paint can begin to flow and soil neck, shoulders and clothes.
  4. There are practically no resistant hair-dyes of blue color. Having decided on cardinal change of image, it is worth finding the good stylist who will independently mix several tones. Colors, close to blue, offer Igora Royal and Schwarzkopf, however the received shade will be not too expressed. To achieve bright color, it is necessary to maintain tone by means of one of coloring means.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team