How most quicker to pump up shoulders

How most quicker to pump up shoulders

Big shoulders at men were considered as the symbol of force, courage and reliability at all times. As a result of competent performance of exercises for development of deltoid and trapezoid muscles of the shoulder girdle you in short terms will become the holder of the V-shaped athletic figure.

It is required to you

  • — post;
  • — dumbbells.


1. Include in the training two types of exercises on shoulders — presses and swings. On increase in muscle bulk carry presses to general exercises standing and sitting, the press because of the head and the breast, the dumbbell press or posts. Swings are aimed at the certain muscle. For example, raising of the post before itself develops front deltoid muscles, raising of dumbbells through the parties — averages, cultivation of dumbbells in bending — back. Carry out each movement no more than 8-10 times on 3-4 approaches.

2. Get up directly, cave in in the waist a little, put legs in parallel. Take the post the direct grip, at the same time place hands more widely than shoulders. Lower elbows and hold the post at the level of the clavicle. Completely straighten hands, squeeze out the post over the head up. Then slowly lower. You hold the head exactly, you look before yourself. This exercise can be performed sitting.

3. Take the post the direct grip. You watch that forearms were each other parallel and precisely perpendicular to the floor. Don't incline the head. Straighten the back and lower the post signature stamp on the top zone of trapezoid muscles. Squeeze out the post over the head, and then return to the initial position.

4. Lower the post before yourself. You hold the signature stamp the top grip. Pull hands up, hold the post near the case. The signature stamp has to approach your chin as much as possible. You will expose elbows forward. You watch provisions of the back and head. Slowly lower the post.

5. You hold dumbbells the top grip at the level of shoulders. Raise hands until dumbbells don't adjoin. Later lower them as much as possible down.

6. Extend the lowered hands with dumbbells before yourself. Slightly incline the case. Lift dumbbells aside and up is slightly higher than shoulders. Wrists have to be slightly turned. Smoothly lower hands down.

7. You hold hands with dumbbells along the body. Raise the right hand forward and up the heads are higher. Slowly lower the right hand down, and left lift at this time. Both hands have to be in the movement, at the same time dumbbells will disperse in the opposite directions in the face of.

8. Incline the case forward on the corner not less than 45 degrees. Extend hands with dumbbells before yourself. Part hands in the parties. Turn wrists so that the little finger was above the index finger. At the same time don't unbend the back. Then smoothly lower hands with dumbbells.

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