Suprastin for children: indications, dosage

Suprastin for children: indications, dosage

Suprastin is modern antiallergic medical the means relating to group of antihistaminic medicines. Medicine in tablets on 25 mg allowed for use not only for adults, but also for children of the earliest age is produced.

This medicine is applied in the presence of the following diseases of allergic character: neurodermatitis, urticaria, stings of insects, allergy to any medicines, eczema, dermatitis and also toksikodermiya. In addition, Suprastin is applied at atopic dermatitis which at many children has congenital character, its symptoms are shown from first month of life of the child or later (manifestation of atopic dermatitis is noticed at babies when they are three months old).

Also medicine is effectively used at appearance of Quincke's edema (guttural hypostasis) and violations of breath in the child of various character. It is necessary to consider that Suprastin is not issued in any specific form for children of early age therefore before application it is necessary to know accurately the exact dosage for the child corresponding to his age. Just before application, the tablet of medicine is pounded in powder. For children a medicine dosage following: from 1 month to one year - on a quarter of a pill take three times a day, from one to 6 years – the one third part of a tablet, and from 6 to 14 years on a half of tablet 2 - 3 times a day. After 14 years amount of medicine equivalent, as well as for adults.

Contraindications to intake of the medicine "Suprastin" is the disease of bronchial asthma. In this case medicine can be appointed by the doctor, only if asthma is at an initial stage. To independently give to the child having asthma, this medicine categorically is not allowed.

With care medicine is given to children with a problem stomach because antihistamines influence negatively his mucous membrane and can provoke appearance of an ulcer.

Effect of the medicine "Suprastin" consists in suppression and blocking of the histamine which is the activator of a large number of allergic diseases at children and at adults. Often, children of all age perfectly transfer this medicine. As well as any medicine, Suprastin can cause various by-effects shown differently at each age group of people. At children, 6 years drug intake are more senior than age can provoke emergence of drowsiness, dryness in a mouth, dizziness and various violations of coordination. At children up to 6 years the increase in excitability, irritability and appearance of a sleep disorder is noted. In this regard, giving medicine to the child before going to bed, it is necessary to be very careful, otherwise the kid can not close an eye for all night. In that case, time of reception of Suprastin is recommended to change and exclude its acceptance before going to bed.

Suprastin it is necessary to hold out of a zone of availability of children because the child can get poisoned. Such poisoning with spasms, convulsions and also hallucinations is usually shown.

This medicine does not demand the recipe of the doctor for reception by his adults. To children, especially younger age category, the doctor has to register it without fail. Without the recommendation of the expert it is allowed to give means of the doctor at a time – in emergency situations (at the severe itch caused by an allergy) then to see behind consultation a doctor.

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