How to make protein cocktail in house conditions?

How to make protein cocktail in house conditions?

The one who seeks to see always in a mirror the ideal, rolled body, knows, protein not only in sport, but also in ordinary life is how important. The amino acids which are contained in proteins play a role there is nobody construction material by means of which muscles are formed. Besides, thanks to them antibodies which are so necessary for emergence of new blood cells are created.

Today in a pursuit of perfection to lose excess weight or to gain muscle bulk, we resort to protein powders and other additives. Arguing how in house conditions to make protein cocktail, it is important to note that it is better to spend several minutes of the free time and from natural products to create incredibly useful and tasty drink, than to give considerable money for additives for athletes. Besides, the option is not excluded that some of them will be inefficient.

How most to make protein cocktail?

  1. First of all, before starting creation of protein cocktail, it is important to decide on its basis. In this case this milk which on 100 ml contains 3 g of protein. So, we take 350 ml of boiled milk of 2% of fat content (these are 10 g of a protein).
  2. Heart of our cocktail – the product rich in a protein. It can be cottage cheese (on 100 g of a product about 20 g of protein) or tofu (on 90 g – 12 g of protein drop out). So that to make sports cocktail for a set of muscle bulk, we take 150 g of cottage cheese.
  3. We pass to minor, but not less useful to an organism, to products, fruit and berries. They give us huge amount of the carbohydrates providing us with energy and a glycogen. No sports cocktail can be presented without bananas (1 banana is 30 g of carbohydrates and 5 g of protein).

We shake up all above-mentioned ingredients in the blender. We do not forget to prepare during trainings at once a double portion which half should be drunk for half an hour-hour prior to occupations in the gym. We drink the rest after the end of a training.

Sports food – recommendations about creation of protein cocktail

As we remember from the above-stated information, creation of such drink, rich in protein, begins with the choice of a basis. Ideal option – milk. The champion on the maintenance of a protein recognized soy milk. Especially vegans will approve this vegetable product. Its only "minus" - is contraindicated to people, the having problems with a thyroid gland and also a lack of magnesium of an organism.

We do not use yogurt as milk substitute. The reason is simple: with it cocktail will turn out excessively dense. If it is impossible to refuse a yogurt basis, we take milk and yogurt in the ratio 2:1.

There is a wish for something sweet? Then we add a little ice cream to protein drink (if near at hand packing of 200 g, then we add no more than a third to cocktail). After all it is worth remembering that the bought ice cream unlike house, "is stuffed" considerable amount of hazardous substances (trans-fats, palm oil, emulsifiers, dyes, fragrances and so forth) which do not bring benefit to health at all.

It is important to note that are not less rich in an egg protein. It is better of course if crude eggs are added to cocktail. However, not to pick up a salmonella, either "we mix" boiled, or we replace chicken with quail egg (about 5 pieces).

Besides peanut butter will help to diversify protein cocktail (2 tablespoons contain 10 g of protein). Its high fat content is the reverse of the medal of this ingredient.

If to speak about addition of fruit in drink, then it is possible to indulge himself with dried apricots (about 5 pieces – 30 g of carbohydrates and 3 g of protein).

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