What to do if the cat got sick

What to do if the cat got sick

Cats are ill at least, than people – they can suffer both from cold, and from gastrointestinal diseases, and from infections, and even from diabetes. But indispositions of cats often force to be nervous their owners, animals cannot tell what happened and where hurts them. Therefore it is important to know the main symptoms of diseases of pets, to have an idea of first aid and in due time to show an animal to the veterinarian.

Symptoms of diseases of catsThe first sign that the cat began to be ill is her aspiration to hide somewhere far away, to hide in a dark corner, not to show the face to people. Usually sociable and friendly pets during a disease do not make contact with the person. This results from the fact that in the nature a wild animal it is unprofitable to be ill – the weakened organism cannot cope with enemies, and any stronger animal can use a disease. Therefore, getting sick, representatives of a sort of cat's, hide and try not to show the face to anybody. This instinct remained also at house cats though they do not need to disappear from other predators any more. Nevertheless, it is not pleasant to them when during a disease look at them, and especially touch, iron.

It is not necessary to get violently every time a cat from her shelter and to surround with too plentiful attention. Make sure that she chose a warm and convenient corner or transfer her to other dark and quiet place.

The sick cat becomes sluggish, sleeps much, does not play, does not run. In a dream the organism of animals is restored quicker therefore during a disease they will see off almost all the time in somnolence. But at some diseases of a cat, on the contrary, become too excited, aggressive, restless. A loss of appetite – one of the most expressed disease symptoms, sometimes cats refuse also water. The disease makes an animal weak and breaks coordination of movements therefore the pet can become awkward, it is more difficult to it to jump on a chair or a window. Symptoms of intestinal infections and diseases of digestive tract is vomiting and a diarrhea. If at a cat not as a kidney, then it seldom goes to a toilet, and in urine blood appears. Renal diseases or diabetes can force the pet to drink often. Plentiful salivation, cough, allocations from eyes, strange poses, the complicated breath can be symptoms of various diseases too.

What to do if the cat got sickIf you found one or several above symptoms, at first perform inspection of a cat – take her pulse, temperature and track breath. Normal pulse – up to 150 beats per minute (at kittens to 200), breath frequency – 30 movements a minute, temperature – 38-39 degrees. If all indicators are normal, and the condition of an animal does not worsen, it is possible to observe a little – perhaps, this small indigestion which will pass in several hours. Otherwise it is necessary to bring a cat to the veterinarian and if it is impossible, then to call the doctor on the house or at least to get the correspondence advice.

Be not engaged in independent treatment of a cat if you have no veterinary education. Only the doctor can precisely define a disease and to appoint the corresponding treatment.

During a disease of a cat often badly eat, you should not feed violently them, but it is very important to give enough water. Dehydration often accompanies some diseases and can become very life-threatening an animal. If the cat refuses to drink, and she observes constant vomiting, then it is regularly necessary to give injections or droppers with nutritious solution. If to a cat prescribed medicine, it is necessary to mix tablets with food or to grease them with butter. Liquid medicines pour in a throat by means of the syringe without needle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team