Why the cat eats the earth

Why the cat eats the earth

Inexperienced owners of cats are thrown sometimes in shock by a show when the pet with greed eats soil from a flowerpot. However such behavior of cats at all not an aberration and even not reproach to the animal diet made by the owner, this natural desire to fill some elements in an organism.


1. If you noticed that the cat became addicted to the earth, reconsider his food. Most likely, he passed to a "soil" type of food because of the shortage of vitamins and minerals. Try to add calcium to food, it can be cottage cheese products, curdled milk (no more glass once in two days), sometimes even a pounded shell of eggs. Consult with the veterinarian, he will appoint to your favourite the correct rate of complex vitamins, having spent on drink which, the animal will get rid of bad habit.

2. On recovery time it is desirable to exclude a dry feed from a diet and to fill it with natural products as in a dry ration there are no many useful substances necessary for full development of your cat. The forage needs to be excluded gradually, for example, having replaced at first only one of meals with natural food, and in a week – the second.

3. Also helminthosis, i.e. the parasites who are attacking a cat's organism and taking away huge amount of vital substances can be the cause of eating of the earth. In this case specialized medicines will help, it is necessary to spend on drink a full course which cannot be interrupted even at approach of visible improvement.

4. Banal worms which tempt the perverted cat's appetite can become one more reason of eating of the earth. It is possible to resolve this problem. The animal needs to be propoit special medicine for different types of worms – Drontal.

5. Also there is a version that cats eat soil to clean the stomach. All know that when cat's wash, wool gets to their organism in a large number. Persistent eating of inedible food can demonstrate that your pet in such a way tries to clean the stomach from wool lumps. Anyway you should not take away the earth, you always remember that the nature took care of animals, having awarded them with instincts including those which will help to get rid of a number of diseases independently. Care of the good owner is in helping the pet and not to miss the moment when "national" means do not help any more, having replaced them with medicines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team