As chestnut-colored hair look

As chestnut-colored hair look

The chestnut-colored hair color was fashionable earlier not and was associated with "dullness". Most of girls dreamed to get rid of it and dyed hair in bright inconceivable colors. Today the situation has changed.

Fair-haired, and especially chestnut-colored – at the peak of popularity because the naturalness is fashionable today. If you have fair hair, there is no need to become the burning brunette or the dazzling blonde. On the contrary many natural blondes and even brunettes are recoloured in chestnut-colored shade. What is represented and as chestnut-colored hair look.

What the hair color depends on

But at first we will find out what in general the hair color depends on. It is defined by availability in hair of pigments of feomelanin and eumelanin. Melanina are natural dark pigments which at different quantities are present not only at hair, but also at skin and at eye iris. Feomelanin has reddish shade. Its molecules are distributed diffuzno and its various combinations with eumelaniny (black-brown pigment) form different hair color. If it is more eumelanin, molecules of feomelanin do not "hammer" color with reddish shade and hair dark. If the eumelanin is not enough, and on the contrary there is a lot of feomelanin, hair red or reddish. If both the eumelanina, and feomelanin, fair hair is not enough.

What means chestnut-colored hair color

If you have chestnut-colored hair, it means three things. In cages of cortical layer of your hair there is more eumelanin, vegetation density on your head average (about 100000-120000 hair, for comparison at brunettes – 100000, at red – 80000, at blondes – 150000). Your hair of average thickness and softness (the thickest and hard hair – dark, light, respectively, thin and soft).

The range of hair color of the person is very wide. For determination of color the special scales based on breakdown of scale of chromaticity on three categories are created: reddish-orange, yellowish-orange and ashy. Samples on exact determination of color can be taken by means of spektrofotometriya (the reflected light) or kolometriya (use of special solutions with pigmental extracts). But it for scientific research. In popular understanding of people on hair color subdivide into brunettes, brown-haired persons and blondes. These three categories in turn have division into subcategories. People with dark-chestnut, black and bluish-black hair treat brunettes. People with blond hair, ashy, golden and light brown enter ranks of blondes. If you have chestnut-colored hair, then you, along with owners of nutbrown, fair and red hair, treat brown-haired persons. Chestnut-colored color – natural, universal, deep. Practically any make-up approaches it. It always looks elegantly and with it it is not necessary worries about hairstyle and selection of clothes – to chestnut-colored practically any style and color scale will approach. If your hair chestnut-colored, long and slightly wavy – the effect of your head of hear always is tremendous.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team