As it is successful to choose upholstered furniture

As it is successful to choose upholstered furniture

When choosing furniture it is possible to get easily to stupor because of the big variety of positions provided by furniture salons. If to consider all important factors, then it is possible to receive with guarantee upholstered furniture which will add cosiness, perfectly will approach interior and will stay long time.


1. If you want to change office, then leather furniture best of all will approach. It will long stay at active use. It is better to select filler not too soft that furniture was quickly got into condition, and the framework has to be strong. The style, color, form of furniture have to correspond to the status of the organization. For house furniture the main factors – comfort and convenience.

2. It is possible to test directly in shopping center sofa, having sat down on it. Measure furniture installation site not to lose with size. Take care also of furniture combination to interior of your apartment.

3. Upon purchase of furniture it is important to pick up correctly ratio of the price and quality of goods. Inexpensive furniture can quite serve to you long but, the upholstery it is possible that will get, the shape will be got out of or the framework will crack. That such situations did not arise, request the certificate of product quality from the seller.

4. The upholstery has to be combined with interior of that place where you arrange furniture. Material of upholstery has to be practical. Just for decoration the flock or genuine leather as they are rather strong will approach and are cleaned easily. Genuine leather demands additional leaving by special creams that quite costly. Furniture from imitation leather costs much cheaper though looks not worse. Ask in shop in advance about availability of replaceable covers as with them operation of furniture will be much more convenient.

5. Filler of furniture has to be elastic. As good stuff for filler serve down, felt, feather and coir fiber. They possess good thermal control, but also cost expensive. Foam rubber and sintepon as cost much cheaper than other fillers are the most popular.

6. The framework of furniture has to be from strong breeds of tree or metal. The back wall can be selected from chipboard or fibreboard as it will facilitate design weight. There are several mechanisms of transformation of furniture: "book", "folding bed", rolling-out. The last way of unfolding is most convenient and reliable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team