How to make tattoo henna

How to make tattoo henna

The tattoo henna has centuries-old history, at the same time originally it performed function of charm from evil forces, but not usual ornament. Unlike the tattoos which are carried out by means of traumatizing the upper layer of the skin, the tattoo from henna is temporary and with certain art skills it is possible to create it also at home.

It is required to you

  • Henna in powder, juice from two lemons, sugar, eucalyptus oil, plastic bags, hairspray, stick for drawing, the syringe without needle used as the applicator.


  1. Before that, how to make tattoo henna, it is necessary to prepare paste. In a number of beauty shops it is possible to gain also ready structure, however production it in house conditions minimizes expenses. This process occupies sufficient period therefore it is necessary to prepare henna in advance. From 20 g of initial material about 100 g of ready paste turn out, such quantity is enough completely to cover with drawings hand from palm to forearm.
  2. Powder of henna mixes up with a quarter of glass of lemon juice. This mix in the closed plastic bag is left for 12 hours. If there is a wish to receive dark shade of the drawing, then it is necessary to add a little basma. In 12 hours to these components 5 g of usual sugar increase, it promotes fixing of the drawing on skin. Dense sour cream has to have consistence of paste as if mix too dense, to it is possible to part it by means of lemon juice.
  3. Before drawing the drawing skin needs to be prepared. For this purpose the site on which the tattoo will be applied with house henna is degreased by means of alcohol. It is previously possible to make peeling, it promotes longer saving the drawing. It is desirable to save the place and from hair on which pigments of paint keep much longer, than on the skin.
  4. It is necessary to create the drawing on the site oiled eucalyptus. It interferes with premature drying of paint thanks to what the drawing turns out brighter. For the rest the palette of the created picture can be many-sided. Some prefer to apply paste by means of toothpick whereas the ordinary syringe without needle is more convenient for others. To set result, the site of skin with the drawing is sprinkled by hairspray and is left for the night. Since morning the surplus of henna is washed away by the cotton tampon moistened in lemon juice.

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