As independently it is also safely possible to remove gel polish from nails

As independently it is also safely possible to remove gel polish from nails

Creation of ideal covering on nail is so popular and demanded by gel polish. But sooner or later there comes the moment when it is necessary to remove shellac from nails and to make it independently not and simply. In salon this service costs expensive therefore often many girls want to know: "How independently it is also safely possible to remove gel varnish from nails?".

If you for some reason have no opportunity to remove gel polish at the expert or you have not bought special liquid for removal of shellac, you should not despair. There are several checked ways which will help you to clean without effort nail plate from gel polish in house conditions. It is not recommended to use the methods described below too often since unlike professional clarification of nails from decorative covering, it is impossible to call alternative ways completely harmless. But it is quite possible to apply them from time to time nevertheless.

So, the following tools will be necessary for us for independent clarification from gel polish without special liquid:

- wooden shovel,

- atsetonsoderzhashchy means for removal of decorative varnish,

- cotton pads (or plain medical cotton wool),

- food wrap (or foil).

Way No. 1

 It is the simplest to clean nail from shellac by means of usual atsetonosoderzhashchy liquid for varnish removal. Of course, it is not so easy as in the presence of specialized liquid for removal of gel polishes, but the effect as a result will be the same. You need to wet only cotton wool pieces in liquid, to put them on nail and to wrap it in film or foil for some time. Further the softened gel polish can easily be removed with orange shovel. In process try not to do much harm to cuticle since this site is very vulnerable. Grease skin around nail with fat cream, then it will not suffer from aggressive environment.

Way No. 2

We clean marigold from gel polish by means of transparent nail varnish. For this purpose take usual transparent varnish and apply it on the surface of shellac. Until the layer has dried, erase it cotton pad. Together with transparent varnish also gel polish will be removed. But it is not momentary process, 3-4 drawings will be required completely to clean nail.

Way No. 3

To remove varnish in house conditions if near at hand there is no remuver, it is possible by means of usual alcohol. For this purpose, as well as in way No. 1, it is necessary to moisten cotton wool in alcohol or vodka. To impose on nail and to wrap foil. In a few minutes the softened covering can be removed by means of rake or nail buffer.

Using these ways to get rid of gel polish independently, it is worth remembering that thanks to aggressive environment the cuticle and nail suffers. Therefore without fail after the procedure of removal of shellac we restore balance of nail plate by means of nutritious masks or cream.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team