Bathtubs for beauty and health

Bathtubs for beauty and health

The bathtub is not only cosmetic procedure, but also great way to dispel melancholy, to relax, dull feeling of hunger, to remove slags and to improve condition of skin.

1. Bathtub with sea salt

The salina opens time, brings excess liquid and toxins out of organism, stimulates metabolism. Dissolve salt in water, sit in bathtub several minutes, then wrap body towel and - under blanket!

  • It is required to you:5 kg of the crude sea salt.

2. Bathtub with seaweed

Seaweed are source of large number of the microelements, vitamins and enzymes strengthening the immune system and bringing toxic agents out of organism. For this bathtub of alga it is not necessary to presoak previously - add them to water at once.  

  • It is required to you: several handful of dry seaweed.

3. Citrus bathtub

Such bathtub extraordinary invigorates and also does skin elastic and smooth. Lower circles of citrus in the filled bathtub and add essence. Lie down in water several minutes.

  • It is required to you: 8-10 lemons or 6 grapefruits, several drops of lemon or orange essence.

4. Bathtub with bran and lavender

This bathtub well affects skin, does it softer and nice on the touch. Mix components, fill up them in linen sack and hang up it on the crane under water jet.

  • It is required to you: on 1 handful of wheat bran, oatmeal, dry lavender and celandine.

5. Bathtub with clover and camomile

This bathtub has golden ornzhevy color and pleasant aroma. Affects organism soothingly, improves metabolism, gives to skin elasticity and elasticity. Prepare infusion from components, pour out in the filled bathtub. Opitamalny water temperature - 36 wasps.

  • It is required to you: on 80 g of the dried grass of camomile, clover, leaves of birch, leaves of raspberry and 40 g of mint.

6. Bathtub with pink petals

Gather bathtub of water, warm, comfortable for body. Dissolve in it honey, cream, add the pink petals which are previously carefully washed out and made by boiled water. Mix all components in water, fall to bathtub and lie down it is weakened within half an hour. Then accurately blot skin with soft towel.

  • It is required to you: 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 glass of heavy cream, several handfuls of petals of roses.

7. Milk pan

Such bathtub calms the angry skin and feeds it with vitamins. Fill bathtub with warm, but not hot water, add milk and olive oil, mix. Fall to water for several minutes.

  • It is required to you: 1 cups (200 ml) of milk, 1 cup of olive oil.

8. Bathtub with calendula

This procedure perfectly will be suitable for oily skin as it is intended for treatment of acne rash. Prepare broth from necessary ingredients, let's it infuse within 2 hours, then filter through double layer of gauze and pour out in the bathtub filled with water. It is possible to repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week.

  • It is required to you: on 100 g of calendula and thyme, on 50 g of juniper, camomiles, plantain and St. John's wort.

9. Mint bathtub

The mint bathtub well calms the angry skin, removes the naggers and possesses the softening action. Wash out mint, place in big pan and fill in with 8 liters of water, bring to boiling. Let's infuse within 40 minutes, filter and pour out in bathtub. Bring amount of water in the bathroom to the necessary volume.

  • It is required to you:5 kg is fresher than mint.

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