Body art on face: whim or way of self-expression

Body art on face: whim or way of self-expression

body art is type of modern creativity. It became popular in the 21st century. The body art is considered vanguard, art painting is made on body or on human face.

Body art in the ancient time and in the modern world

The body art on face as the direction of creativity has arisen in the 60th years. It is considered that its sources have arisen in the Stone Age. At that time the body art on face could emphasize the social status of the person in the tribe. Certain art signs designated merits in military or hunting field. Besides, the body art was used for demonstration of belonging to some community, the tribe and so on. Drawings on face served as symbols or identification marks. In the ancient time people put ornament with different types of clay, coal, henna.

At the modern world the body art was present only at fashionable displays or at exhibitions at bohemian beauty shops in the beginning. Now the ornament on face has removed from podiums to usual life. The body art is actively used by such youth currents as punks and Gotha. Drawings on face have, of course, decorative character. Representatives of these currents put drawings to draw to themselves attention of ordinary people.

Body art on party: than to carry out?

Among children the body art which is carried out under the famous heroes of cartoons or movies is very popular. Shrek, the spiderman, the superman and so on enjoy special popularity. So, the child reincarnates in the hero of the favourite cartoon. Adult parties and parties do not do without bright and significant jewelry on face too. The plot of the drawing depends on scope of upcoming event. For example, for Halloween the body art on face is very popular. It is done by both men, and women. Bloody lips, scars, skulls, spiders and wounds can act as jewelry. In a word, the drawing for Halloween surely has to have frightening and terrible character. So, the body art is excellent means for self-expression. There are no restrictions in the choice of ornament for the person. And if for Halloween the body art is unattractive, for some holiday of fairies and elves it is possible to ornament face in flowers and curls in bright and cheerful tones. It is necessary to know with what means it is possible to put body art. First, any decorative cosmetics for this purpose approaches. Use cosmetic pencils, shadows, liquid eyeliner, lipstick. Especially beautifully gold and metal gloss looks. Secondly, for professional body art the face painting is used. It is water-based oil paint. It is used for drawings on body as is hypoallergenic. Paint perfectly lays down on skin, and is washed away by usual soap. To put face painting, use brushes for make-up or for drawing. Thirdly, usual color gouache is the simplest means for painting of the person. However it has essential minus, namely dries skin. Fourthly, water-based color markers - excellent means for creation of the drawing on face. They are suitable for portrayal of fine details. Fifthly, paint for body art can be made independently. For this purpose mix cream without additives and food coloring. Means has to stand in the fridge of 10 hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team