Dry skin on elbows - what to do

Dry skin on elbows - what to do

Summer – time of open dresses and tops, however, some of us are not able to afford to put on open dresses as the appearance of elbows leaves much to be desired. However in our forces to solve this problem.

Reasons of dryness of skin on elbows

There are several basic reasons of dryness of skin on elbows:

  • hormonal violations;
  • diseases;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • bad leaving.

Before solving problem of dry skin on elbows you first of all need to find out in what the reason of dry skin. If problems with skin are consequence of hormonal violations or diseases, then it is necessary to remove the cause, having addressed the expert. At lack of vitamins B the first stage needs to be eliminated avitaminosis.

Correct elbow careIt is possible to apply to elbow care not only expensive cream from drugstore or shop, but also to use folk remedies. It is the best of all to carry out the peeling procedures in the bathroom or in bath. For a start it is necessary to steam out well skin, and then to process lokotka brush and to apply nutritious cream or mask. The good effect gives the warmed-up vegetable oil, it is possible to use linen or olive.

For fight against dryness of skin on elbows it is possible to use it national means – add 50 grams of baking soda to liter of hot soap water and lower elbows in solution for 10 minutes. It is previously necessary to grease elbows with cream. While elbows are in water, carefully pound pumice. Upon termination of the procedure wipe elbows and grease with cream. The course of treatment consists of 8-10 procedures.

Good means for softening of skin – mix of orange juice and vegetable oil, taken in equal shares. Is not less effective, by the way, and grapefruit – put pieces to elbows for 10 minutes.

For mitigation and skin exfoliation on elbows it is possible to prepare srub from sea salt with sour cream and lemon juice. It is also possible will prepare mask for softening of skin from honey, cheese and potatoes. Wipe components on grater, carefully mix, impose on skin of elbows and fix by bandage. In half an hour wash away and apply fat nutritious cream.

Honey – the excellent softening and moistening means. It can be mixed with almond oil and to apply as compresses on dry elbows. Having got rid of dry skin on elbows, do not forget to look after skin that the problem has not returned again correctly. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team