Heel care - simple councils

Heel care - simple councils

care is very important as beauty is concept complex and it is impossible to be beautiful only in something one. Heel care in house conditions is available to each woman and has to become habit

Beauty is integral concept, it is impossible to be beautiful in parts, for example, to have the well-groomed person, but at the same time not to care for hair. And in this context of special attention our legs which we absolutely unfairly forget deserve. And especially rough heels with the cracked skin draw attention.

The most common cause of rough skin and cracks on heels is the wrong leaving. In this case the problem is solved literally within several weeks by means of compresses, lotions and various baths. However there are also other reasons of cracks on heels:

  • metabolic disorder;
  • avitaminosis;
  • blood circulation violation;
  • hormonal failures.

Of course, the simplest, but at the same time the most expensive way of disposal of rough skin on heels is the visit of beauty shop – there professionals will help you to solve practically all problems. But you do not hurry to regular campaigns on pedicure, there are also reliable folk remedies on heel care.

At rough skin baths by right are considered as the most effective procedure. Of course, the optimum structure them has to be selected individually, but we will provide the simplest, universal recipe. Ingredients for such bath practically always are near at hand – milk, soap and table salt. So, for preparation of bath it is required to you – glass of milk, as much dense soap solution and three tablespoons of table salt. Carefully stir components in basin with hot water and you hold legs hour, as a last resort 40-45 minutes there.

Then accurately skim steamed out by pumice. In this case you should not hurry and try to clean off as much as possible. Also you should not use edge for cutting – the return process and skin on the contrary can provoke it will begin to accrue quicker.

Quite effective remedy at the coarsened skin on heels – mask from egg yolk, potato starch (half of teaspoon) and lemon juice (teaspoon). It is necessary to put such means on the Piglet after they are steamed carefully out. And after drawing you should wait until means dries, and only then to wash away.

The simplest means for the laziest women – after leg baths rub olive oil in heels. This available means will help you to make skin on the Piglet gentle and soft.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team