How to get rid of dryness of skin of legs

How to get rid of dryness of skin of legs

Skin of legs usually dry. Especially it is noticeable during the winter period when it is necessary to put on more warm clothes – tights or trousers. Often appear itch, the feeling of tightening, roughness and peeling – all this is explained by insufficient blood circulation and decrease in food of skin cells. To restore her health and protective functions, to make elastic and elastic, it is very important to choose care products correctly.

1. If peeling became noticeable, on skin there were scales, pay attention to your shower gel. Replace means which you always used, with product of the same brand, only with the moistening effect.

2. Try to use cosmetics for shower containing ceramides. They are important component of cellular membrane. Their impact on cages promotes their regeneration.

3. Get means for leg care with essential oils. The substances which are contained in it will have the healing effect on the angry sites of skin, promoting tightening of cracks. It is known that some essential oils have bactericidal effect. At the same time skin is softly purified, and its surface receives additional moistening.

4. Begin to use specialized body care products after shower. For example, for additional moistening it is possible to use mineral oils. They sozdadutdopolnitelny source of useful substances for skin will also promote its moistening and healing.

5. Choose the cosmetics promoting restoration of natural lipidic layer. It will allow to reduce loss of moisture in cages. For the sensitive skin demanding especially careful leaving and inclined to allergy get the children's moistening means.

6. Apply such means as Bepanten, "D-panthenol", etc. Active ingredient of these medicines to identically panteonovy acid which contains practically in all fabrics and cages of organism. Provide to skin cells construction material for recovery of epidermis and intake of nutrients.

7. Do warm baths with addition of sea salt. Also infusions of herbs will help: mints, camomiles, nettles, elder, plantain, medical and muscat sage, plantain, horsetail field, etc. make 2-3 tablespoons of the crushed grass glass of boiled water. Add the turned-out infusion to bath.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team