How to get rid of hand hair

How to get rid of hand hair

Women whose hands are covered with long and dark hairs are very much grieved by this fact. Long sleeves not always save. For example, in the flying this trick will not pass. It is necessary to fight against vegetation in all available ways.


  1. Shaving. The procedure is old as the world. Of course, with its help you depilate, but for a while. Besides, they will begin to grow in the form of bristle that is always not esthetic. As a result again the same complexes, feeling of discomfort, hiding of hands from foreign views, etc.
  2. Decolorization. It is clear, that it not removal of hair, but maskings. At the same time the method is considered rather effective (the truth, at rather rather thin indumentum). You will easily prepare structure for decolorization. For this purpose take white powder and 10 percent peroxide of hydrogen and properly mix – the structure is ready. Apply it for 10 minutes on sites of the hands covered with hair then wash away warm water. Hairs will become thinner and will become less noticeable. By the way, all life incomparable Sophia Loren uses this way. She notes that this procedure in addition does skin of hands smooth and soft that is so appreciated by men.
  3. Special cream and gels. The sparing and painless procedure. It is effective and does not demand a lot of time. However hair quickly begin to grow since are depilated only, the bulb remains. Before application it is necessary to check means regarding allergy.
  4. The Vaksing – removal hair by means of wax. According to experts, one of the most effective ways of disposal of hair on hands. Of course, on hands it is admissible. The procedure should not be carried out very often, the vaksing when their length reaches 5 mm can subject the growing thin hairs.
  5. Epilator. The device not just shears hairs, but also deletes hair bulb. As a result skin of hands remains smooth long time (sometimes more than a month). Modern models I have the special functions reducing pain threshold - cooling, massage, skin extension, etc.
  6. Laser epilation. Around the world this way is considered the most effective. Hand hair disappear or forever, or for very long term. The main thing is to get to the good expert since poor carried out procedure threatens with appearance of burns or pigmental spots which pass only in several months.
  7. Photoepilation. Contactless and painless (except for easy pricking at thin skin) removal of hair for long term. Not one procedure, but 5-6 can be required if indumentum on hands dense, and hair thick.

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