How to make bronzing

How to make bronzing

uniform bronze tan in 15 minutes is not the fairy tale. You should not go every other day to sunbed or from legs to the head to spray autosuntan, being afraid to put it unevenly. After the modern procedure of bronzing the people around will ask you: where you had a rest.

Bronzing is fast procedure of causing artificial suntan. In fact it is the same autosuntan, only cause it with the special spray in salon that provides uniform covering without stains and spots. You can choose suntan shade from lung golden to saturated chocolate.

All procedure lasts 10-15 minutes, at the same time one visit suffices. Artificial suntan from 3 to 14 days keeps, gradually brightening. It is possible not to worry about leopard color.

Bronzing is absolutely harmless and has no contraindications. Lotion affects only the upper layer of the skin, without getting deep into.

Preparation for the procedure of bronzing

Make epilation in 2 days prior to suntan session. At least in 6 hours prior to the procedure take shower, make peeling of all body with use of srub. It is necessary for peeling of dead cells. It is not recommended to do peeling before exit as skin needs time to calm down. Do not use creams, lotions and spirits. If the deodorant is necessary, choose ball, without alcohol content.

As there takes place the procedure of bronzing

It is better to come to the procedure of bronzing in clothes which are not a pity for soiling. Means can be painted a few the first minutes, but it will pass after acceptance of shower. Before the session the master will carry out the test for allergy on the site of skin. If in 20 minutes the allergy is not shown, the procedure can be begun. It is necessary to put on disposable hat the head, and to apply special protective cream on dry sites of skin. So suntan will lay down more exactly. From the special spray apply lotion which reacts with skin and causes darkening to skin. The end result will be visible in 5-8 hours after the session. After causing suntan it is necessary to allow it to dry 5-10 minutes, then to put on free clothes. It is possible to sweat, play sports and to contact to water not earlier, than in 8 hours. For extension of effect after bronzing carefully moisturize the skin, avoid bleaching creams and masks with the content of acids. Choosing tanning studio, give preference to the checked places. Learn reviews of salon and masters. You do not chase actions and discounts, it is better to pay a little more and to be sure of result, than to save and carry out in the afternoon in the bathroom, trying to wash away brown spots.

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