How to release long hair

How to release long hair

Long hair are associated with femininity and tenderness. Girls with impressive bush of hair of the man are preferred more, than close-cut girls. How to release long hair?


1. Otpuskaniye of hair - long and labor-intensive process. Not all girls are capable of it. Usually there comes the stage which it is possible to call ""neither there, nor here"". Hair both not long, but not short. There is no form, any lines. During this period the head looks strange and neukhozhenno. Girls begin to be nervous and go to hairdressing salon, do hairstyle, and then are sorry. It is necessary to wait this hard time.

2. Look after the hair. For a start choose the correct shampoo. Use the shampoo suitable your type of hair, and then analyze the received results. After good shampoo your hair have to shine, on them there has to be no fat, and, as a result of it, hair have to be washed out, and on head skin there have to be no signs of irritation.

3. Pick up good hairbrush for hair. It is the best of all to buy hairbrush from natural materials. For example, oak hairbrushes calm hair, and brush with natural bristle does not injure head skin and does not damage structure of hair. But on such brush it is necessary to fork up.

4. Use various masks for hair, at the same time it is possible to use as purchased, and that which you will make in house conditions. Growth of hair is promoted by nettle broth, burdock oil, mix of bark of oak and peel of onions.

5. It is also possible to do massage of the head, stimulating with that circulation and inflow of blood to skin. On this procedure a lot of time is usually spent not really (couple of minutes in day), but it is very effective and effective.

6. Refresh the hairstyle. It is necessary to cut off two times a month the splitting and dead ends which beauty do not give to your hair but only make heavier them and do less attractive.

7. There is one more exit of their situation. If you want long and healthy hair, and are not capable to release them physically, use one great hairdresser's service - hair extension. Eat the cake and have it too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team