How to remove cellulitis on bottom

How to remove cellulitis on bottom

Cellulitis affects different zones of body. Separate problem are fat deposits on buttocks. It is possible to get rid of them, but only observing complex of the certain measures promoting elimination of cellulitis and prevention of its repeated emergence.


1. Physical the uprazhneniyakhoroshy effect at disposal of cellulitis is rendered by exercises for buttocks. They allow to strengthen muscle work that promotes burning of fat deposits in this zone. The most effective are squats and also various moves legs. In particular the excellent result is yielded by the following exercise. Being kneeling and leaning on straight arms so that they and hips were at right angle in relation to trunk, it is necessary to take away the leg bent in knee (also at right angle) back and to carry out the fixed short movements up – on 50 times each leg. This exercise as much as possible involves gluteus, and at similar loading the fat deposits have no chances.

2. Massages from will help to tsellyulitaaktivizirovat blood circulation and to destroy hillocks on skin also massage. At the same time massage with honey will become the excellent decision. Means needs to be applied to skin and vpolnyat the patting movements until honey does not begin to grow white. After that means can be washed away. Except honey it is possible to use also oils from cellulitis. In this case for processing of gluteuses it is worth carrying out the pressing circular motions – they will be more effective in view of the small surface area and specificity of muscular structure of this zone.

3. Cosmetic of obligatory receptions which need to be used the use of anti-cellulite cream is sredstvaodny. It will help not only to eliminate roughnesses of skin, but also to tighten it. Cream can be applied as means to wrapping and also independently. Many series of cosmetics for body include complexes from srub and cream – this combination will help to receive more operational result. Before use of cream it is possible the same well to pound area of buttocks rigid bast or to use the massager that will promote the best penetration of means into skin and muscles.

4. Useful pitaniyechtoba to get rid of cellulitis on bottom, it is necessary to remember also food. Certain restrictions will positively affect condition of skin in this zone. In particular, it is possible to limit consumption of sugar, farinaceous food and carbonated drinks, having filled up diet with fresh fruit, vegetables and fermented milk products. It activates metabolism that will promote disposal of cellulitis. It is necessary to remember that all excess calories are laid off, first of all, in buttocks therefore this measure will be very reasonable.

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