How to remove flush

How to remove flush

Some people often redden, literally in each occasion, and nobody except them knows how many tortures are delivered by the flush which has spread once again on cheeks. How to get rid of it?


1. First of all, direct the efforts to psychological work on yourself. People timid blush crimson, as a rule. Even if externally you quite relaxedly interact with people, at soul there is certain fear differently called "sociophobia". Essence of this fear – fear to be dishonored before other people. Specialists psychologists consider that the sociophobia originates in the childhood when parents or other adults publicly shamed the child. The shame tested in the childhood and humiliation are fixed in subconsciousness, being expressed further that the person constantly reddens. You will be helped by psychological exercises which purpose comes down to getting rid of oppression of assessment of people around: - when you go by public transport, make ugly face (for example, bulge lower lip, raise upper lip, squint eyes to nose), having passed 2-3 stops with such person, leave transport; - get up in the middle of the street and loudly sing the song. Use these and other similar exercises until you do not develop habit to freedom of behavior in society and fear of condemnation from strangers will not leave.

2. When you feel that you redden, try to abstract from situation and to switch the attention to something another.

3. If there is such opportunity, having reddened, wash several times cold water.

4. For prevention of reddenings, accept safe soothing: tincture of motherwort or valerian.

5. Alcohol, smoking and also cold and heat provoke emergence of redness of the person, avoid it.

6. Correctly use make-up. Refuse bright lipstick as it will only emphasize the appeared flush. It is better to manage colourless lip balm. You put foundation of yellow shade on face: it will partially absorb redness. Fix tone means by transparent powder or powder of yellow shade. Use blush of peach color – they will give to your skin healthy look.

7. Learn to perceive the question "What Do You Have So Reddened?" without confusion, having been confused, you will redden even more.

8. In general you treat the flush more simply, and you will notice, as others will begin to perceive it as due.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team