How to style hair after chemistry

How to style hair after chemistry

The chemical wave is basis under hairstyle. With it laying will keep much longer. To simplify process of hair dressing after chemical wave, it is necessary to conform to some rules, then your hairstyle will become example for imitation.


  1. Suffer the first two days after chemical wave and try not to wash the head, not to dry hair phenom, not to bring together them in tail and not to wind on hair curlers. Only in this case your curls will turn out beautiful and will not disperse, turning into down.
  2. It is desirable to dry hair after chemistry in the natural way, it is necessary to comb them, using large hairbrush, not extending down. Hair after wave demand more careful leaving. Surely use the conditioner after washing of hair, and select shampoo correctly, previously having consulted with the knowing expert.
  3. That the type of your hair was unsurpassed, use light gel for creation of effect of wet hair, spray for natural laying, gloss for shine or wax for allocation of locks.
  4. Having made chemical wave, it is necessary to restore, feed and moisten hair regularly. For this purpose various masks will approach. For example, the mask consisting of five components: take tablespoon of mayonnaise, honey, cognac and burdock or castor oil. Mix all this, having added yolk, and apply to head skin at least for hour. The effect will not keep itself waiting.
  5. Do not paint hair right after the procedure, wait at least 3 days. Give preference to the paints having soft effect.
  6. To subdue in the morning the tousled hair, it is necessary to apply skin for laying on the moist washed-up hair then to comb them, having squeezed hands. Create curls in hair, and let's them dry out. Then it is necessary to pick up gel-wax, to warm and distribute slightly in palms. Squeeze curls palms, trying to rub gel-wax on all length of hair. As a result receive wavy hair. It is optional to wash the head the next morning, just it is better to comb hair hairbrush with large teeths and to rub a little gel.
  7. Do not use cheap hair care products, you remember: your hair – important component of your beauty for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team