How to style hair skin

How to style hair skin

One of the most important elements of style of any fashionista is the hairstyle. There is huge number of various means assistants for creation of hairstyle. One of such means is the styling foam. How to use this remarkable product?


  1. hairskinIt is very simple to stack . For a start it is necessary to be defined what result you want to achieve. If you want to receive volume hairstyle it is necessary to get skin for laying with effect of volume. Apply small amount of skin on roots of moist hair and using round brush hairbrush and the hair dryer, style hair. It is possible to use skin and on dry hair, the truth result will be not such remarkable, as when drawing on moist curls.
  2. The styling foam is not only remarkable means for giving of volume, but also fine fixer of hairstyle. Apply it on flat hairbrush and evenly distribute on hair. Hair will become obedient and will easily give in to laying. If you like to carry curly locks and use hair curlers for wave, then before fixing curls, apply on them small amount of skin. It will provide the tremendous wave which is not sticking together hair. Such hairstyle can keep more than 12 hours and does not demand additional fixing. The important role of this cosmetic is also that it contains substances the protecting hair from damages during drying and laying and also the vitamins promoting strengthening of hair.
  3. By means of skin for laying it is possible to create remarkable and very fashionable hairstyle effect of wet hair. For this purpose you only need to wash up the head and having applied skin on hands, to evenly distribute it on hair. At the same time hands have to rastrepyvat hair as much as possible. Further dry up hair phenom and the hairstyle is ready.
  4. Choosing skin it is important to pay attention to its functionality: for the volume or fixing. Do not forget that extent of fixing is different and taking into account features of your hair choose the correct product. Care for the hair - check whether there are as a part of product vitamins and whether it has the protecting properties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team