How to use turmeric for the person

Almost in kitchen it is possible to find set of different spices in each girl. And in it there is nothing surprising – fragrant spices are capable to completely change taste of ready dish! Here only not all know that many spices can be quiet both in kitchen, and in make-up bag! For example, usual turmeric. It is good means for rejuvenation withering and improvements of problem skin, is capable to improve color of epidermis, its relief. Besides, the turmeric helps to get rid of undesirable vegetation on skin.

Turmeric for improvement of color

To use turmeric from wrinkles on face, it is worth preparing such structure: mix honey spoon with turmeric spoon, add two spoons of heavy cream. By means of flour make mix more dense. Apply mask thick layer to the washed skin. Wash away cosmetic sponge in fifteen minutes. Such mask can be carried to bleaching. Use it few times in week to refresh skin color.

Disposal of excess hairs on face

By means of turmeric you slow down growth of already remote hair, will make them less dense, dense. Here everything is very simple: mix spoon of the moisturizing cream with two spoons of turmeric. Plentifully apply on the necessary zones, hold twenty minutes, then just descend to wash!

Down with wrinkles!

By means of the following mask from turmeric you will be able to rejuvenate skin, to get rid of small wrinkles, to give to epidermis of elasticity and elasticity. The nutritious mask is preparing so: mix on spoon of lemon juice and turmeric, add half of spoon of home-made yogurt. Wash away half an hour later.

From pimples

The turmeric will help to get rid of inflammations, eels, comedones and other defects of skin! For this purpose mix on spoon of kaolin, oat flakes, turmerics, mineral water. Apply on problem sites of skin, it will be required to wash in twenty minutes.

Of course, all these masks very effective, still them it is possible to supplement with certain components if desired. But after all do not forget to test the received structure before drawing each new mask – whether he will cause allergic reactions in you?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team